Heavensward update

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Heavensward update
April 18th, 2015, 11:54 am

So it appears that the site has updated to include more information about heavensward http://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/heavensward/

I will try to sum up the 3 new classes it has lore on and the new race Au Ra and its two different cultures and such.

Dark Knight: So from how they explain it Dark Knight seem to be the people who aren't attached to the laws of ishgard and try to protect those that cannot help themselves and that even priests and knights cannot escape their judgement. They use no shield, only their greatsword and they swear their allegiance. They help guide people through the darkness. Basically they are like Cecil from FF4 (Putting this in spoilers for those who haven't played it) [spoiler=]before he turned into a paladin.[/spoiler]

Astrologian: Just a heads up I will probably fan boy over this classes lore. You have been advised. So basically to sum this one up they say how people have always yearned for more knowledge and especially over their own fate. So because of this they created foresight by using the power of the stars and the constellations to read the seasons and the heavens. That is known as astrology but they felt they could do more with it so with their aetherial energy they attuned to the constellations and was able to learn about the unseen properties. This bore fruit to Astromancy, the power to govern ones own fate. Based on all that I can say one thing...MINE! I love the idea to change fate. After all I worked towards getting the temptress of fate title. Hearing this makes me want it more now.

Machinist: So this one is quite interesting actually. So the Holy See was beginning to grow desperate with the war from Dravania going on, their dragoons were risking their life on the line so they took some desperate measures...they looked toward technology at Cid's example, Magitek. They have built lots of things to help protect their home and this lead to the creation of the Skysteel Manufactory. They work to try create a strong weapon but came to the conclusion of Machinist. I remember them not liking technology like that...like at all. Seeing them become desperate enough to use it is a smart idea.

Au Ra:
It is believed that the Au Ra are descendents of the Dawn Father and Dusk mother
-Raen: The Raen are descendents of the former. Their scales run white with the divinity of Dawn. They live the life of tranquility and solitude unlike their ancestors.
-Xaela: The Xaela are descendents of the latter. Their scales run black with the divinity of Dusk. They live the life of the free wanderers and fight much like their ancestors.

I have to say all of the lore here so far is nice. Now I have only summed up this and added my opinions. If you want the full descriptions click the link.
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