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User Registrations
May 27th, 2014, 10:49 am

Public Forum Registration is now CLOSED.

Registration is now handled completely by admin

Everyone please note the following;

User registration settings for are set quite strictly and require admin approval before a user can post anything. We have set the registration this way to prevent spammers and other Internet Undesirables from gaining access to our forum.

Recently, due to feedback about the registration process, a short experiment was conducted with the registration settings. Email based registration - where simply answering an email from the registration process activates your account - was enabled for about 24 hours. this registration process is protected by numerous spambot counter measures to prevent spammer abuse. However in the space of about 24 hours we had nearly a dozen spammer accounts register successfully.

Any messages posted by these accounts were removed by Haggar (global moderator) - thank you Haggar. Thank you to the forum user (Sapphire) who noted an unusual user name and reported it to me. The reported account and other spammer accounts that had successfully made it past registration have been banned and deactivated.

User registration once again requires Admin approval, and the registration settings of will remain this way going forward.

Access to our forum requires personal approval by the site admins. So, if you know someone in-game who wants to, or has registered to join the forum, please advise either the Neko Guardians or Haggar, Hina or myself that someone needs approval. To make it easier for us to approve registrations by players of FFXIV, we need to know what screen name they registered with so that we can locate them in the sea of unapproved spambot accounts. Players should preferably register with their FFXIV avatar name, however whatever name you register under, please let the officers, or leaders know what it is.

Many thanks for your cooperation.
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