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Company Actions
May 22nd, 2014, 6:25 pm

Hello everyone,

There is a new company action rotation starting tomorrow Friday May 23rd. The new rotation is a 5 day schedule that will repeat until further notice. Please note that this will coincide with the new daily 'focus'.

There are two actions each day, a primary and secondary action.

Rotation of Buffs/Focus

  • Party Finder - 10% XP increase & seals bonus
  • Gear/Loot - 10% XP increase & Soul Bonding bonus
  • Crafting and Gathering - 10% gathering XP & 10% crafting XP increase (*)
  • Informal end-game - 10% XP increase & Cheap teleports
  • Ice-breaker - 10% XP increase & Chocobo XP increase

(*) - additional company actions are available to grant a 10 point bonus to gathering, perception control and craftsmanship, these actions may be substituted for one or other of the XP increases. If one of these actions are used as a secondary action, the primary action will be the matching crafting or gathering XP increase.
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