Membership matters

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Membership matters
May 16th, 2014, 11:24 am

I want to tell you that Sky has taken a short leave of absence from the company. Sky asked to take a short leave of absence to help out a group of friends. Sky is not permanently leaving the Nekomimis FTW! and will return before too long.

As you all know, our membership policy does not allow members to come and go from the company. So we always examine the circumstances of a player leaving us to understand the reasons behind the departure.

Players who leave the FC on good terms are welcome to request permission to rejoin, and may do so at the discretion of the leadership. But leaving and rejoining multiple times is not possible. We always speak to the player before accepting their request to rejoin, to ensure they understand that there is no 'revolving door' on our membership.

The Nekomimis FTW! does not allow members to leave and rejoin multiple times. If a player leaves, they have one opportunity to return, at the discretion of the leadership. Players that leave the company a second time are not welcome to return. Players who simply walk out without explanation, or who are kicked out of the company, are not welcome to return.

Only under extreme circumstances will we make an exception to this policy, the leaders must agree that allowing an exception is beneficial to the Free Company.

More information here.
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