Let's make some NOISE!!

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Let's make some NOISE!!
May 14th, 2014, 2:35 pm

Ever noticed that sometimes it's a bit quiet online?


  • This is an MMORPG. Say hello, say good night, welcome people online, if you need help - ask, If you want to run something - say so, chat and talk to each other.
  • Ever wondered how others know when someone comes online? Turn on company notifications. By default this is turned off. If you turn it on, you'll know when a Neko logs on or off.
  • It is NekomimisFTW! Company policy that all members have the company notifications enabled.
  • We are a social free company. The more we interact and talk, the more friendly we become and the more fun we have.

Not everyone is a social butterfly. Showing respect for people includes acknowledging them. So say 'Hello' to each other, wave to each other if you see another Neko in the game somewhere.

The Nekomimis FTW! believe in supporting and helping each other. Please make it a priority to help a Neko in need if you have time. When you do, everyone wins. You learn more about each other, everyone progresses, and everyone feels better either because they were able to help someone, or because they got the help they needed.

If you get help from other Nekos, thank them! Congratulate people on their achievements, it shows them that you're paying attention and care.

Helping others must be balanced on your personal goals in the game. However, players who only ever run things for their personal benefit quickly gain a reputation for that...

We are not a hardcore end-game raiding company, we are a community, and we are playing to have fun, so let's go play!

or to put it another way ;
Asobi ni iku yo!
Escape reality, live the fantasy! - Louisoix Leveilleur
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