A few changes in the house

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A few changes in the house
May 12th, 2014, 12:07 pm

The company placard on the outside of the house has been changed to a more 'upscale' hanging shield with our crest. I hope you like the way it looks.

The summoning bell and vendors have bee slightly re-arranged. There was an issue where your retainer would either appear in the middle of a desk, or bounce around because of the bell placement. The vendors and bell are all in the same area as before though, they have just been repositioned for better access.

Nym provided a Tonberry couch, which we've placed on the main level. Hina gifted us the third hot tub, so now we have one from each style. The new one has been placed downstairs with the others, we have a complete sauna now... Hina kindly provided two screens which we have set up as a partition downstairs to screen off the meeting area from the hot tubs. There is a new side table downstairs that had been placed in the company chest, thank you to whom ever provided it.

Finally, Hina thoughtfully provided a facility for our Lalafel members. There is a step stool in-front of the company chest to allow Lalafel to reach the door on the safe.
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