Company Chest & Garden Updated Policy

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There are some changes to the Company Chest and Company Garden that everyone needs to be aware of.

Company Chest
Changes are being made to increase the focus and usefulness of the materials in the company chest for all members to use.
  • The chest will be actively managed by the leadership team.
  • Only the 1st two pages will be open, along with the Shards/Crystals/Clusters.
  • Equipment and potions will no longer be held in the company chest.
  • Page one will be for materials that support Alchemy, carpentry, Leather working and weaving.
  • Page two will be for materials that support Armorers, Blacksmiths, Culinarians and Goldsmiths.
  • Page 3 will be restricted to members of the gardening team and the Neko Guardians to allow for better management of resources for the garden.
  • Give and take in equal measure.
  • Suggested contribution when giving gil in return for mats taken.

I know that this is a change from the way that the chest has been managed before, however we have noticed that the chest becomes quickly full, and there are many items that remain static in the chest for long periods of time. The leadership want to make sure that the chest remains useful to all of us, and hope that these changes will benefit everyone.

Please see the main forum article for full details.

Company Garden
The new feature of the company garden has more depth than we understood at release. There are specific materials that may only be obtained through the Company garden. We have decided to adopt a more managed approach to the garden to ensure that everyone has a fair shot at obtaining them.

  • A new role of Company gardener has been created, two company members have been selected to fill this role.
  • There will be a weekly lottery for any rare material produced in the garden.
  • Anyone interested in in a particular material must register their interest and enter the weekly lottery for that material.
  • Register your interest by talking to one of the Company officers, or posting on the company forum.
  • A random draw will determine the winner.

Full details on how to participate in the weekly lottery may be found in the full article in the Company forum.
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