Free Company News Page

Free Company news and announcements. FC memebrs who have not signed up to the forum may read FC news here. Full detail for news and announcements will be found in the FC members only area.
Free Company News Page
May 1st, 2014, 11:30 am

Because Square Enix has not given any way in-game to communicate with all Free Company members, we have created this FC News (Public) section, to allow the NekomimisFTW! to make public announcements of company events and news.

This will allow any NekomimisFTW! free company member to read about company information and events without having to sign up to the forum.

The Company Board message in FFXIV that you see when you login will indicate when new information has been posted here.

Topics posted here will be read only. More detailed information and discussion may be available in the Free Company members only area of the forum, all NekomimisFTW! members are encouraged to sign up to the forum to participate.

Please note that forum registration requires administrator approval. this measure allows us to screen out spammer accounts. When you sign up for the forum, contact one of the Neko Guardians, Kosmos, Hinagiku or Haggar in-game to let us know the name you registered as, so we can process your registration.
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