dungeon leveling from 15-44

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dungeon leveling from 15-44
March 13th, 2014, 2:00 pm

in case you haven't noticed, running dungeons now beats the hell out of doing fates for leveling up. Some dungeons are a little better than others though.

Always run a dungeon when you match its level. This is the only time you can get chain bonus exp in a dungeon, so take advantage of the chance. For most dungeons, if you have a stack of rested exp that will last the entire run, and you're in well-fed status, you will gain 3/4 to a full level of exp.

- The first 4 dungeons (satasha, tamtam, copper, hali) are all good exp for time invested at low levels. Of course, do the highest that you can for best results.

- Toto is a long dungeon, and exp-per-minute rates are low. This makes level 24-28 probably the slowest moving part of leveling up.

- Haukke is a relatively short dungeon absolutely loaded with enemies, making it a great place to level up.

- Brayflox is a long dungeon, but also has a lot of enemies. There is big exp to get here, even if you're a notably higher level than the dungeon. Be sure to clear out the large area after the 2nd boss.

- Qarn is a long dungeon, and unfortunately enemy population is light. Like toto, the exp-per-minute rate here is low.

- Cutter's has a notable exp jump from Qarn, and has a lot of enemies to kill. This is a goodie for exp, be sure to take the few side paths to get more exp.

- Vigil doesn't have any side paths, but lots of enemies in your way on the main path for some big exp.

Doing your daily low level roulette will give you bonus exp based on your level on top of the dungeon mob exp earned as well.

Which dungeons have the best exp-per-minute rate? I'd say Haukke, Bray, Vigil.

So when working up the levels don't bore yourself to death with fates, gather up a couple folks and clear them dungeons!
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