easy leveling from 44-50

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easy leveling from 44-50
March 13th, 2014, 1:48 pm

... and I do mean easy, like, just a few hrs if you have a good dedicated team of 4.

You need your standard team, ideally you've got 2 dps that can do aoe damage. The most ideal pair is BRD and BLM, but BRD really is to help out your tank more than anything.

So, level 44 means Dzemael Darkhold. The overall concept is very simple, the tank will aggro every enemy on the main path all the way to the room just prior to the boss room, where there's a purple area against one wall. All players run to that spot (follow the tank, let them do all the pulls in front of you) and kill the enemies fast. While standing in the purple area everybody gets a major defense buff, but still with 15-17 enemies attacking the tank needs almost nonstop healing. The tank has their work cut out for them in maintaining aggro on everything while aoe damage is being done. A BRD will run MP song for PLD and TP song for WAR (and also themselves to pitch extra aoe attacks).

The end result is at least 39k exp (more when rested, well fed, etc) per 4 minutes of action. Add a minute for requeue so call it 39k exp every 5 min.

Alternatively, if the above is a little much for the team, maybe every is level 44... just take out groups at each of the purple areas on the way. Slower, but safer.

At level 47 then party can shift to Aurum Vale. This is a slower exp-per-minute pace (~68k every 12 min for a base) but is much safer as all you do is fight the enemies in groups of 1-3 in the open area before the first boss.
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