Relic Quest Guide

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Relic Quest Guide
December 12th, 2013, 7:36 pm

- reach level 50, completing all your class and job quests
- complete the story (through praetorium)
- unlock Amdapor Keep

NOTE: whichever class you start this quest as, you must complete every step on the way as that class.

Initial steps
- Speak to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay
- Speak to Rowena in Revenant's Toll
- Speak to Gerolt in Hyrstmill

Now the quest really begins.

1) Locate a broken weapon as stated by Gerolt. This will involve finding the item within a beastman lair, as specified below, for your class.
Bard: Natalan
Black Mage: U'Ghamaro Mines
Dragoon: Natalan
Monk: Zaha'rak
Paladin: Zaha'rak
Scholar: Sapsa Spawning Grounds
Summoner: Sylphlands
Warrior: U'Ghamaro Mines
White Mage: U'Ghamaro Mines

2) Obtain the "pre-relic" weapon (NQ) and meld 2 materia. It doesn't matter how you obtain the weapon. You can make/meld things on your own or buy one that's already made on the market.
Bard: Longarm's Composite Bow (Materia: 2 Heavens Eye III)
Black Mage: Sanguine Scepter (Materia: 2 Savage Might III)
Dragoon: Champion's Lance (Materia: 2 Savage Aim III)
Monk: Wilding Cesti (Materia: 2 Savage Aim III)
Paladin: Aeolian Scimitar (Materia: 2 Battledance III)
Scholar: Erudite's Picatrix Of Healing (Materia: 2 Quicktongue III)
Summoner: Erudite's Picatrix Of Casting (Materia: 2 Savage Might III)
Warrior: Barbarian's Bardiche (Materia: 2 Battledance III)
White Mage: Madman's Whispering Rod (Materia: 2 Quicktongue III)

3) Defeat the Dhorme Chimera to obtain Alumina Salts. You will need a party of 8. If this is your first relic, you will have to travel to the northeast corner of Coerthas to unlock this quest, and activate it in duty finder.

Party Setup: 2 tanks (1 being PLD), 2 healers, 4 dps
recommended gear: your basic AF set and the rest near lv 50 for a min, or course higher is better

When the fight begins, the main tank should draw Chimera out of the cave and into the more open area. The off tank, a PLD, will be a "stunbot" ... they will alternate stun and silence on Chimera whenever it's charging up dragons voice and rams voice. Otherwise just dodge the aoe attacks when you get targeted (or melee, watch for them directly in front of and behind him too) and if a blue energy ball is coming your way, run away from the party dragging it with you, until it explodes.

Both voices have crippling effects on the party, and can lead to wipes. If a PLD is not up to taking on this task themselves, they could alternate silences with a BRD.

4) Clear Amdapor Keep to obtain the Amdapor Glyph. You will need a party of 4. This is a standard dungeon that you start via DF.

Party setup: 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 dps
recommended gear: There is no indication this dungeon will get a item level requirement like the new lv 50 dungeons will, but lets just go with the same number: average item level 48.

Boss 1: It seems so simple at first, but half way through killing what you see, the real boss gets summoned. He randomly targets party members with aoe, and also randomly targets with an attack called canker, which inflicts heavy for 30 seconds. It's good if the healer dispels this effect. His void thunder attack can be avoided but it doesn't hurt if somebody silences him in the process. When a small golem spawns, the dps should kill it. About half way through a large golem will spawn. By the this point the party should move to one of the lanterns on the perimeter of the room. This way the big aoe can be avoided while still managing the boss, and small adds if need be.

Boss 2: The wall. Since patch 2.2 it's faceroll easy. It will randomly attack all party members, then does 2 line aoe attacks that should be avoided. The first one goes down the center of the floor, followed by down the 2 edges. If hit, you take notable damage, and worse yet have slow applied to you. This pattern is repeated. After the 2nd occurrence, get in the center and face him when he does repel. If you are not centered when repel hits, you get eliminated from the battle. After repel, the line aoe pattern gets repeated. After the 2nd repel, the back half of the floor turns into a poison pool. After each repel the wall keeps moving forward.

Boss 3: This guy is rather easy overall. I forget the compass point but relative to entry, the tank should keep him in the back right corner of the room. Melees need to watch for his up-close attacks, and don't camp out behind him. When a player gets behind him he does a cone aoe that covers about 1/3 of the room. So, melee and ranged alike stay to his side. When he does imminent catastrophe, it means an aoe attack is coming, based from the center of the room. hide behind a statue relative to the center of the room to avoid it. After each imminent catastrophe, a statue will come to life and come attack the party. These should be eliminated. Fortunately, the statue which you likely use to defend against imminent catastrophe won't come alive until after the 4th or 5th one, which should be more than enough time to kill him.

5) Obtain "Interview with a Padjal"

6) Defeat 24 beastmen (must equip and use the unfinished relic weapon). This involves returning to the beastman lair (based on your class) and defeating 3 sets of 8 beastmen, as stated below.
Bard: Natalan - (8) Bloodwings, (8) Fogcallers, and (8) Windtalons
Black Mage: U'Ghamaro Mines - (8) Quarrymen, (8) Bedesmen, and (8) Preists
Dragoon: Natalan - (8) Bloodwings, (8) Fogcallers, and (8) Swiftbeaks
Monk: Zaha'rak - (8) Lancers, (8) Pugilists, and (8) Archers
Paladin: Zaha'rak - (8) Lancers, (8) Pugilists, and (8) Thaumaturges
Scholar: Sapsa - (8) Shelfspine, (8) Shelfclaw, and (8) Shelftooth
Summoner: Sylphlands - (8) Sighs, (8) Screeches, and (8) Snarls
Warrior: U'Ghamaro Mines - (8) Quarrymen, (8) Bedesmen, and (8) Roundsmen
White Mage: U'Ghamaro Mines - (8) Quarrymen, (8) Bedesmen, and (8) Preists

7) Defeat the Hydra in Halatali. You will need a party of 8. If this is your first relic, travel to the entrance of Halatali (eastern thanalan) to unlock this quest and activate it via duty finder. Also, whomever has the quest active must have the unfinished relic weapon equipped or you will not get credit for the kill!!

party setup: 2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 dps (no particular classes recommended, any mix will work)
recommended gear: same as chimera/AK

An important aspect of this fight: the 2 tanks must stick together at all times! There is an attack which must hit both tanks, so the damage gets divided between the 2 and nobody dies. Otherwise melees should stay beside but favor toward his back side (there's a 180 degree frontal aoe attack or 2), and all ranged should stay along the sides of the room. This includes SMN/SCH pets. The center of the room needs to be left open. When a wyvern spawns, it should be taken down quickly as it'll buff hydra. Everybody will need to watch for circular aoe attacks and dodge. When there are a bunch that hinder players from attacking, the tanks should move hydra to another spot along the perimeter. When hydra runs to the center of the room, he will charge up fear itself. The only way to avoid this is to do a group hug under its belly. Quickly get back to the sides after this. You don't want to have aoes filling the middle of the room when he goes to do his next fear itself...

8) Defeat Ifrit (hard mode) to obtain the White-Hot Ember. You will need a party of 8. If you haven't unlocked this yet, proceed to the Waking Sands to do the quest to unlock (this will not appear in your journal).


9) Defeat Garuda (hard mode) to obtain the Howling Gale. You will need a party of 8. If you haven't unlocked this yet, after defeating Ifrit, proceed to the Waking Sands to do the quest to unlock (this will not appear in your journal).


10) Defeat Titan (hard mode) to obtain the Hyperfused Ore. You will need a party of 8. If you haven't unlocked this yet, after defeating Garuda, proceed to the Waking Sands to do the quest to unlock (this will not appear in your journal).


11) Purchase Radz-At-Han Quenching Oil at Revenent's Toll. This will cost tomestones. Successful runs of any level 50 content will earn you varying amounts of stones, and bonus stones can be earned with daily roulettes.

Congratulations, after all this mess you have your Relic Weapon!!

Upgrade to Zenith (formerly called Relic +1)

1) Purchase 3 Thavnarian Mist at Revenant's Toll. These will cost tomestones. Successful runs of any level 50 content will earn you varying amounts of stones, and bonus stones can be earned with daily roulettes.

2) Upgrade your weapon in the area near Gerolt in Hyrstmill. After purchasing 3 mists, proceed to what looks like a blacksmith's work area by Gerolt. Congratulations, you have your Relic Weapon Zenith!!
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Re: Relic Quest Guide
December 16th, 2013, 11:27 am

Upgrade from Zenith to Atma

After completing all the steps above to get your Zenith, the next upgrade is to Atma. The quest for this step (and all subsequent upgrades) will be in North Shroud with an NPC I'm just going to call Jazzhands (he's near Gerolt).

The premise of the Atma quest is simple. You need to collect atma stones, which come from completing fates. The zones are:

  • North, East, Central Shroud
  • East, West, Central, South Thanalan
  • Middle, Outer, Upper, Lower, Western La Noscea

You really just need to complete fates, keeping the following in mind:

  • You must have ANY zenith weapon equipped
  • The fate must be successfully completed
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold doesn't matter, just make sure the fate will get completed.

As of 2.45, the chance of getting an atma from a completed fate is about 15%. It's very obvious when you get one. These atma stones go into your regular inventory and do not stack, so have free inventory space! You can collect as much atma as you want, just keep in mind that the same atma stones will not stack, so really make sure you have enough open inventory space to collect your atma stones. If you're going after 2 sets at once, have 24 open slots to hold them stones. It was worth saying the same way multiple times, it would really suck to be running fates for this and have a full inventory.

When you have all 12 atma stones, go see Jazzhands in North Shroud to complete the "upgrade"

Why is upgrade in quotes? All that happens to your weapon is the glow disappears and its item level increases to 100, but no stats change. This step could take a long time due to RNG, and really you got nothing out of it. Awesome right?

Upgrade from Atma to Animus

Start up with Jazzhands again, the next step is to complete a set of 9 books to enhance your Atma weapon to Animus. The books will cost you tomestones, buy them in Revenant's Toll. Keep the following in mind with the books:

  • Books will show up in the key items list, so don't worry about inventory space here.
  • You can only work on 1 book at a time. You cannot carry more than 1 book.
  • ALL book objectives MUST be done as the class you're currently upgrading, with the Atma weapon equipped.
  • All books for a class's main stat are identical. A war and whm can have their respective main stat books, and will have the exact same objectives.
  • Likewise, a vit book for one class will be identical to a vit book for another class (as an example)

When you "use" the book, you can scope out the objectives. All books require you to kill 10 of 10 specified enemies, complete (with gold rating) 3 specific fates, complete 3 specific leves, and to be alive at the end of the final boss fight for 3 specific dungeons. This step is just time consuming, especially when certain fates have very slow spawn timers. The best strategy here is to have a buddy or 2 that can come help with a fate when it spawns, or help power through the other objectives.

When the book objectives are complete, aside from a big message on screen, you'll see a red X over all the objectives in the book. At this time go buy another book when you have the tomestones. When all 9 books are complete, return to Jazzhands and your Atma weapon is converted to Animus, a true il100 weapon!

Upgrade from Animus to Novus

There isn't a lot to this upgrade, it's very time consuming and depending on approach, very costly. Jazzhands will once again get you started. You will need to buy 3 superior enchanted ink at Mor Dhona (costs tomestones) which you then bring to a NPC in Central Thanalan (by where the materia-related command quests are), and can unlock a daily quest in Revenant's Toll.

The main premise is to collect 75 alexandrite, and materia corresponding to the stats you wish to place on the weapon. Even if you want exactly the Animus weapon stats, you still need to get the materia. Ignore the amount of a stat that's on the materia, for Novus purposes, every materia only adds 1 to the stat. You must have 75 total points in secondary stats, the allocation is up to you where acc, crit, speed, and parry cap at 44, while det and pie cap at 31.

Here's how you use alexandrite, materia, and the sphere scroll... The alexandrite is your "catalyst" and when infusing materia into the sphere scroll, both the materia and alexandrite will be used. The first few infusions will be successful, and later ones will have a chance of failure. In the event of failure, you DO NOT lose alexandrite, but will lose the materia. Eventually you will have to move up to the next tier of materia to keep infusing stats. For example, with accuracy, 1-11 will be grade 1 materia, 12-22 is grade 2, 23-33 is grade 3, and 34-44 is grade 4.

Very basic notes regarding the Novus upgrade:

  • You have full customization with the secondary stats. You can opt to maximize 2 stats, or spread out a little with 3 or 4 stats.
  • You will spend a lot of time spirit bonding materia, and these secondary stat materias are particularly annoying to collect. One strategy could be to spiritbond something less random, i.e. gathering and crafting gear, sell the earned materia and buy your desired novus materia
  • The daily quest involves running an expert roulette. It resets daily at 15 GMT. It doesn't matter what class or what weapon you use to run the roulette, as long as the quest is active you will get the item at the end. Turn it in for an alexandrite map
  • Additional alexandrite maps can be purchased in Revenant's Toll for tomestones. Allied seals from hunts can also be exchanged for alexandrite (no maps, just the alexandrite stone) for 200 seals (as of 2.45)
  • Alexandrite maps work in the exact same manner as timeworn maps. It's best to bring a buddy along, especially if you're not familiar with the enemies.
  • Only the holder of the alexandrite map will get an alexandrite stone upon completion, the message looks the same as finding an atma stone.
  • With an animus weapon equipped, there's allegedly a small chance at getting an alexandrite stone after completing a fate. I've never seen it, not that I've tried much. I say you're better off doing hunts for seals and tomestones to buy alexandrites.

When you successfully have your sphere scroll infused with 75 materia, go back to Jazzhands and get your Novus weapon!

One final note... if you plan (or even don't yet plan) to make another relic down the road, you can still continue to collect alexandrite via all methods above (except for fates probably).

Upgrade from Novus to Nexus

Speak to Jazzhands again, to initiate the Nexus step. You will obtain a lens, which will let you know how much "light" your weapon has. It's just a basic message, which updates at every multiple of 200 light. When you collect 2000, the deed is done. Be sure to get Jazzhands to soulglaze your novus weapon (if you have multiple be sure to select the correct weapon!). Important, if you're doing the PLD weapon, be sure to soulglaze both the sword and shield!!

How do you collect light? Simple, just play the game. You will see a message after completing most any content about collecting some sort of light. The hierarchy (from least to most) as of 2.55 is feeble (2), gentle (4), bright (8), brilliant (12), blinding (24), newborn star (32). As you can see from those numbers, it's a bit of effort to collect 2000 total. For more details you can check out ... formation/

The best strategy for collecting the most light in as little time is to hunt down the "bonus window" and then run whatever has the bonus as much as you can stand. Every 2 hours, on the even hours (GMT) various content will randomly get a bonus. Any amount of raids, trials, or dungeons can get this bonus. Sometimes a single instance can have the bonus for 8-10 hrs straight. Sometimes just 1 instance has the bonus, sometimes 10 or more. It's completely random. The bonus means said content will produce the next higher light than it normally provides. For example with hard mode primals, this means bright instead of gentle light, or double the award. This bonus is the same on every server, and folks will usually do a good job keeping the following up to date:

When light farming, keep refreshing the above site for the latest info. Info is mostly related to the hard mode primals, as farming them is the most time-efficient method. With a full party in novus weapons (and likely matching level gear), hard mode primals die very quickly. The approach is up to you though, this is a long process but when you finally get the monstrous message on your screen saying the weapon is done, head back to Jazzhands and get your obnoxiously shiny weapon! Sadly it's a very small upgrade, just to il115 which means a total of 3 secondary stats get added to your weapon, along with the 3 or 4 of each primary stat.

Upgrade from Nexus to Zodiac

This is a big change, and feels like the end of the current relic quest line. This quest line requires some up front planning and will require help from others. As of 2.45 you will need the following:
  • 6,400 soldiery tomes (to buy a total of 4 sacred waters at Revenant's Toll)
  • 80,000 GC seals (to buy a total of 4 bombard cores from your GC)
  • 400,000 gil to buy 4 vendor-sold items

If that weren't enough, there are a total of 8 3-star HQ crafted items you need to obtain (1 from each crafting class). These items require bits from all 3 gathering classes with max-obtainable stats (as of 2.45), along with a high-level desynth item from every crafting class, and finally an item obtained from boar, pieste, and unhidden maps (at random).

That being said... the process of this upgrade, as usual, begins with Jazzhands and there will some exhange with him and Gerolt. After the exchange there are 4 quests to pick up. 1 is in Central Thanalan (by the sphere scroll guy, or by where the materia-related command quests were) and the other 3 start up in Revenant's Toll. Each quest has the same objectives, just in different orders:
  • Give a sacred water, bombard core, and the vendor-sold item
  • Get an item from completing a dungeon, 4 per quest
  • Turn in 2 HQ crafted items

About those dungeon items... basically atma 2.0, but running dungeons instead of fates. When you complete a dungeon that's active in your quest, during the transition screen when exiting a dungeon, you may see a message looking much like the atma/alexandrite message. You're at the mercy of RNG, the chance at getting the item is around 10-12% based on current research. Note that it doesn't matter how you run a dungeon. You can use any class and any gear, you just need a quest active to have a chance at the drop. You will see a red circle around the boss chamber when you have a chance at getting the item. Note these dungeon item drops will go into your key items, so don't worry about inventory space. All other items, however, will be in your regular inventory until you turn them in.

For further details about the quests, check out ... sfaqhowto/

When you complete each quest, you will receive an item required for the zodiac upgrade, which will reside in your regular inventory. When you get all 4, return to Jazzhands. It's routine from here and you will ultimate get a completely different looking renamed weapon. The stats will increase based on your existing nexus weapon stats.

Note that if you plan (or even don't plan) to upgrade multiple relics, you may restart any of the 4 quests upon completion of said quest.

Upgrade from Zodiac to Zeta

This is it, the final installment of the 2.x relic weapon quest! Start up with good old Jazzhands again.

This step is very much like the nexus step. You purchase mahatma from a NPC in Swiftperch for 200 soldiery. You collect light again, and when complete, return to said NPC to buy the next mahatma. After you fill up 12 mahatmas, return to Jazzhands to complete your upgrade!

Like the nexus, each mahatma needs 2000 light. But collecting these lights go a lot faster. The hierarchy and values as of 2.55 are feeble (50), faint (100), gentle (200), steady (300), forceful (600), and nigh sings (800). Like the nexus, there is a live tracker too.

Note that nexus and zeta bonuses are the same. Between both live tracking sites, you should be able to find something with the bonus rather quickly. Other mahatma notes
  • You must use your zodiac weapon to get light for it
  • You can work on only 1 mahatma per weapon. If you have 2 zodiac weapons though, you can get a mahatma for each. You cannot get light on both simultaneously though, all this does is give you the option to choose between classes
  • You can use your zodiac glass to see mahatma progress. You'll get words and a glow just like nexus, and how many mahatmas are completed are indicated on the image as well

To put it in perspective, it's about 40% of the work involved in making the nexus to go from zodiac to zeta, so it's a "victory lap" of sorts. This step isn't troublesome.
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Re: Relic Quest Guide
December 17th, 2014, 6:04 pm

Brought things a little more up to date here, and added some of the relic steps. I just wrote things quickly so it may not be exactly clear but the general idea is posted there. I'll make the post-zenith stuff better written and more complete next week probably, along with adding on the nexus and zodiac steps.

Sorry about the generic "tomestones" statements, for some silly reason the devs make excess work for themselves and change out the stones every other patch.
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Neko Steward
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Re: Relic Quest Guide
January 5th, 2015, 2:53 pm

Got info on all the steps through Zodiac ... just referred to reddit topics with details on the last couple steps instead of reinventing the wheel here :p
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Re: Relic Quest Guide
April 6th, 2015, 3:35 pm

quick update based on nexus adjustments from 2.5, and the final zeta step.
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Neko Steward
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