My Final day in WKC

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My Final day in WKC
June 23rd, 2013, 4:27 pm

Sapphire created a similar topic in the Game Help area, but I wanted to create a slightly different take here.

Describe your final day in WKC, and how you felt/feel about it.


I played all the hours I could.

I played with the Lollies one last time in White Knight.

I played with people I happily call friends.

I beat Madoras in RS2 with an expert team.

I conquered the S rank for ROE2 with an expert team.

I relived what was special about WKC - all of you that are reading this.

I stood quietly in a guild room looking across the water into the distance wondering why so many people missed this game.

I attended a finale gathering with many of my friends from WKC, several folks made special effort to drop in for a while, it was wonderful.

I stood in a peaceful Georama with Hina, watching the local stream flow past, listening to peaceful music and watched virtual cherry blossom fall.

I said farewell to my friends.

I walked with Hina, one last time in our guild room, just the two of us for a few final moments.

We looked at the water on the shoreline and talked about the people we'd met, the fun we'd had and how proud we are of the NekomimisFTW!.

We looked at the golden obelisk above our Guild Town's fountain, a prize that our humble guild earned with just a few points to spare after an anxious evening trying to score the required points.

We talked about the pleasure our friends, WKC and our guild had brought us.

We said good bye to our guild room, and White Knight Chronicles.

I waited for the world to die.

I cried. Yes, I did.


I haven't gone back, I don't know if I will, though I do miss it, it seems fitting to leave it be, to let it remain as it is, and not diminish it by playing without all of you. Perhaps one day I will dust off the disc and let KOS out to play one more time for whatever reason, but it won't be any time soon, KOS, Shion and Asuna will take a well earned rest. Perhaps they will return in FFXIV:ARR, perhaps not. But they had one heck of a time in WKC.
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Re: My Final day in WKC
June 23rd, 2013, 11:00 pm

All I can say is ... same.

Even those who tried to say it is just a game had a hard time leaving the room.

I cried more times than I care to mention.

I logged off and put my disk in its case and hid it away.

I love WKC and always will. But it is not something I will go back to. It was a place to be among friends. It is not something I care to visit alone.

Hina will be reborn in some way in FF. My catgirl will have pink hair. I will be the pink neko. No matter the name, think pink = think Hina. Hina, the healer.

Thanks for all of the WKC memories and thanks in advance for those new ones to come.

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Re: My Final day in WKC
June 24th, 2013, 2:12 am

its sad..... why did they have to do this to us....... i still have a hard time fighting back tears.....
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