New Daily Focus

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New Daily Focus
May 22nd, 2014, 1:25 pm

Hi Everyone,

The FC leaders and Guardians have been talking over some ideas, and some suggestions from company members for ways to help build our community, and bring us all closer together.

We are a community of friends who enjoy playing FFXIV in many different ways including leveling, dungeons, helping others, crafting, gathering, etc... Even though we have different individual goals, we are all part of the same community. We all help each other whether it be leveling, relic quest line, running dungeons or assisting each other with crafts or materials.

Being helpful builds community feeling, but depends on people talking, asking for help and offering help. For our community to work, we must communicate with each other, it's absolutely vital.

A community needs members to thrive. We are interested in recruiting new members, to welcome into our community.

We have created a plan based 5 areas of daily focus for the company;

  • Party Finder - use Party Finder to run low dungeons for member recruitment
  • Gear/Loot - team up for dungeon farming to gear people for end-game
  • Crafting and Gathering - work together on DoL and DoH classes
  • Informal end-game - running Coil, hard and extreme primals/trials to help Nekos progress
  • Ice-breaker - break the ice and play with a Neko you don't normally play with
Note : Each focus is described in more detail at the end of this message.

From Friday May 23rd going forward, we will begin a constant rotation of these focus areas, every 5 days the rotation will begin again. Each day, there will be a short addition to the Company Board message to indicate the 'focus' of the day.

We kindly ask everyone to use the daily focus as the theme for their day if possible. Please participate in this initiative in order to improve and strengthen our community. Participation is not mandatory of course, but is strongly encouraged.

More information, and a detailed description of each area of focus can be found here.
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