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I'm happy to announce that both Raistlin Majere and Asterlan Whiteangel have joined the Neko Guardians.

The Neko Guardians is the Officer group for the NekomimisFTW!

Neko Guardian

Neko Guardians are very active guild members who work towards guild recruitment and planning guild activities. These are dedicated players who have volunteered their assistance with managing guild activities and relations. As such, diplomacy skills must be adequate enough to foster the needs of a healthy community.

A Neko Guardian is a person for our guild members to go to discuss matters that concern them, allowing for private discussions that can be brought to the attention of the Neko Master and Grand Neko if needed. Neko Guardian members work to resolve issues in a positive, collaborative, and effective manner. They “guard” and help care for the community.

Neko Guardian also can set up instance runs for guild members, plan groups, and organize raids. Neko Guardian may also assist members in acquiring weapons and armor so they are properly equipped. If a member is having trouble arranging a party for a specific instance, they may get in touch with a Neko Guardian member for help. Planning ahead may be best and please understand that it may take time to organize. The officers are players, too and need to have fun and enjoy the game.

Thank you Raistlin and Asterlan.
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