New Membership & Forum Registration

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New Membership & Forum Registration
June 6th, 2014, 11:41 am

Hi Everyone,

When a player joins the Nekomimis FTW! Free Company, we will create a forum account for them. We are no longer accepting Forum registrations from users - the Free Company is still open to new players, this change affects the method by which forum access if given. We believe that this will make things easier for our members.

We will also create a user for any existing member of the Free Company who does not already have a forum account.

We decided to make these changes to the registration process for the forum due to the large number of spammers that attempt to register to the forum each day. Previously we locked the registration to admin approval only, but this simply masked the problem and made it difficult for us to see when a real person was registering - like finding a needle in a haystack.

Usernames will be based on your player character (avatar) name in FFXIV, and will be the first name and last initial. Here are some examples to explain;

  • Fred Smith = FredS
  • Tom Riker = TomR
  • Froddo Baggins = FroddoB
  • Bart Simpson = BartS
  • Eric Cartman = EricC
Obviously these are not real players.

Password and Profile
When your account is created, we will set your password, and you'll be advised of it. We request that when you login for the first time, you should please change your password. You will also need to set up your profile information and registered email address.

Only Nekomimis FTW! Free Company members will receive an account automatically. Linkshell members may also be added at the discretion of the leadership, and will be decided ion a case by case basis.
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