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Crafting reference
November 29th, 2013, 2:16 pm

I went digging up a bunch of info before I even started to mess with crafting. As is probably known, I'm all about efficiency and don't like to waffle around with stuff. So I went looking up some guides and found 2 that are extremely handy for preparing for and leveling crafting classes.

This first site has a rough calculator on how many of what mats you'll need to level a class. Given luck factors and the likelihood of players doing leves, these values aren't completely accurate but at least you know what to go farm/harvest/buy to level a class from x to y. Obviously, don't forget all them damn shards...

This other site has a whole bunch of guides, and more keep popping up. Of interest to the main topic would be lists of bits needed for each crafting class leve set. ... ing-listed
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