Cutter's Cry

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Cutter's Cry
September 11th, 2013, 6:31 am

One of my favorites so I figured I'd set this one up.

For the first part, the ground will randomly damage you, so watch out for the swirling AoE markers under your feet, they don't do massive damage but still helps the healer out. You'll clear 2 rooms in the same fashion, which is kill everything in it, reinforcements spawn, kill those as well. Interact with quicksand to proceed when done.
Next floor has Bombs, they WILL kill you with their self-destructs so do not get hit by that.

1st boss is, in my opinion, the hardest of the bunch, and the one that relies on gearchecks the most. It's an Ant Princess, and she's seemingly harmless... until she gets down to 30ish % HP. At that point she will call for help. "Help" means a neverending swarm of Soldier ants, a few Guard ants, and one Marshal ant, which will need to be the groups first target since it heals the princess. Once the marshal is dead have the group focus on the Princess if they're a melee dps, or AoE spells if they have access to a good one. Either way this battle will need to end quick at that point, no group I've ever been with is able to withstand the ant army for long.

Next are 2 identical rooms again, fairly easy, Sabotenders and other enemies, just clear the rooms and collect the chests if you wish.

The 2nd boss is a sandworm and the easiest of the dungeon. His one gimmick is that at points he will go underground and either do damage in several spots or create a vortex that pulls you to the center. When he disappears, run for the edges of the arena and stay on the move, you won't die if you had full health before the attack happens. He'll inflict a damage over time effect that can be Esuna'd away, so if the healer has the time for it they should do so.

Last part, make sure to evade the area hazards again, which are geysers erupting. They'll still cause Burns if you run over them so even when they're not blasting, stay away.
The 3rd and last boss is the reason this is one of my favorite dungeons, excellent boss.

It's a Chimera, and his moves will test you. His standard attacks are various breaths, Lion's Breath which cannot be avoided by the tank, and 2 breaths that can be avoided that happen either in a Cone on his front left, or front right, depending on which head executes it.
Very early, he will start his main gimmick. His eyes will start glowing either BLUE or VIOLET. BLUE means, he's charging an Ice AoE around him, so run away from him. VIOLET means he's charging a Lightning AoE with a safe zone only directly next to him, so run close to him. Getting hit by the Lightning one is especially brutal since it paralyzes you.

Later, he will do a new move where he locks onto a single party member and sends a blue orb at them. This orb will flow over to that person slowly and explode, doing significant damage. At times the orb will change targets mid flight, so keep it in your sights and trigger the explosion by running close for a split second, then away. Make sure the explosion doesn't hit more than 1 party member at a time or the combined damage from that and being hit by an AoE can get you dead quick.

Leave the Limit's to Melee DPS when possible but, Healers, never hesitate to use it if your party is standing at death's door. No use saving the bar if you're dead.
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Re: Cutter's Cry
September 11th, 2013, 9:39 am

This sounds like an interesting fight. I'm noticing that each of these dungeons past Hauke seems to add new mechanics to the boss fights, sometimes more than one. There was a lot of talk on the SE forums before release about how the game's difficulty was gone and it was just for casuals, so far I'm not seeing that at all, and having mechanically rich fights in these dungeons seems to go completely against them being 'casual gamer' friendly. If it were friendly to casual gamers, it would be easy to button mash through the fights and overwhelm even the boss with damage. So it's nice to see the more difficult content there.
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