Aurum Vale

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Aurum Vale
September 10th, 2013, 7:42 pm

level 47, optional dungeon via a quest originating in vesper bay. The notes under the spoiler tags are rather general, but should be enough to help devise a strategy.

Thank God this dungeon is optional...

[+] general navigation
The yellow pools will damage you if you walk in them. The gas jets scattered around will push you, usually into one of the yellow pools. Enemies here are in groups and densely packed. It would be best to divide and conquer as best you can.

[+] first boss
Ochu style. Before the start, you will see 4 morbol fruits in the room. It's best to declare who will claim which fruit during the fight. It's best for the tank to always go to the nearest one, wherever they will hold the enemy.

In the fight, it's best to spread out but not to a point where the healer has to run around to heal. The primary attack is gold lung, which applies poison and each gold lung applied will make the poison worse. The morbol fruits will cure the effect. It takes some time but they fruits respawn. It seems optimal to claim a fruit on every other gold lung attack. Otherwise watch the AoEs.

[+] 2nd boss
Cyclops type critter. It has 3 main attacks. One is a standard swipe, one is a spin move with an invisible AoE circle which will 1-hit kill, and a linear invisible AoE from his eye which will do heavy damage, and inflict stun, making you easy to kill for a bit. With the linear attack, you see who is targeted but no AoE bar. In general get behind him when he does the attack.

[+] final boss
Marlboro style, and this is not a fun fight.

The room itself has poison pools, gas jets, and 8 fruits. These fruits do not respawn quickly. The best part is they will undo bad breath if it hits you, and it's imperative to undo it. The problems really start after taking down about half his life. He will move to a particular spot on the floor and spawn 4 fruits of his own. You need to kill them very quickly or each fruit will spawn 2 seedlings (up to 8 adds total) to raise hell with you. It seems to be time based as to when he repeats this pattern, so it's imperative to take down the last half of his health quickly.

What I don't fully understand is how his attack that's much like the first boss's gold lung works. It seems to stack for big damage and the fruits can help with that, but the fruits don't respawn fast enough to keep up with his attacks. Nonetheless, the healer has their work cut out for them in this fight.
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Re: Aurum Vale
September 11th, 2013, 6:30 am

The final boss attack puts "burs" on you. They stack and the more you have when he does his big attack, the more damage you take. They can not be esuna'd off. You have to use the fruits for this. Also a good idea to have an AoE damager for this. When she spawns the fruits you have to take them out fast. The little seedlings don't have much health but are annoying as can be. A very tough fight for healers. When we did it, I was the only one with an AoE so besides having to heal, I had to holy the little buggers away. Not a fun time. A mega ether saved the day on this one when at the end she spawned the little ones again and I didn't have enough MP to cast holy. Lucked out and the holy killed the boss too.
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