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Dzemael Darkhold
September 10th, 2013, 4:02 pm

Level 44, unlocked when attempting to promote to first sergeant(?) within your Grand Company. The notes under the spoiler tags are pretty general but should help in devising your overall strategies.

[+] 1st part
As you make your way through the initial caverns, you will see areas glowing purple. There is an invincible floating eye that patrols the caverns and will do an AoE attack when he's near a party member. It does huge damage out in the open, but minimal damage if you're within the purple areas. A good strategy here is to lure enemies toward the purple areas and fight within.

[+] 1st boss
It's time to do battle with the floating eye. He's only vulnerable within the purple areas of the chamber. Lure him in and do damage there. A couple adds randomly spawn, take them out when they appear. Oh one other thing... watch for the purple area to dim and a new one to appear. When that happens, move all the action as quickly as possible to avoid major damage.

[+] red crystals and magic countdown locks
The red crystals throughout the rest of the caverns will do damage. You can see the AoE, and sometimes you need good timing with your party to get through unscathed. Just be patient where the halls are narrow.

The magic countdown locks require the entire party to stand within the circle for several seconds. In a couple spots where there are 2, split up 2 and 2. A couple put you in danger with red crystals so make sure you're at full health for those.

[+] 2nd boss
At first there is nothing special about this boss. After doing about 1/3 of the damage however, he calls for help. You cannot kill this help. They will randomly attack party members. Some attacks are AoE and avoidable, some are not. The ones that cannot be avoided hit for ~500 damage. You will be constantly on the move to survive this battle. The best your tank can do is maintain the attention of the main boss.

[+] final boss
Another boss that keeps you on your toes. Initially things are easy. At 3 different times in the fight the enemy will "latch" onto a red crystal. You will see a line to the crystal. At this time you need to destroy the crystal, while the crystal has an AoE (melees beware), the boss has a circle AoE (tank beware) and then has a powerful linear AoE (anybody beware). After destroying the 2nd crystal the boss unleashes more powerful attacks, with randomly placed AoE bombs which do significant damage, typically resulting in death.
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