Sunken Temple of Qarn

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Sunken Temple of Qarn
September 10th, 2013, 12:33 pm

I have no idea about how to do this one, but I just enabled it, so I thought I would post a topic here so that we can help each other understand this dungeon. Hina did some research and it appears that this is a difficult dungeon both in terms of monster strength and mechanics - including several ways to die instantly.

So, anyone who has run this, successfully or otherwise, please give us all the benefit of your wisdom...
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Re: Sunken Temple of Qarn
September 10th, 2013, 12:44 pm

Given I've only done each dungeon once it's hard for me to go through the boss fights. In general from Qarn, I recall the temple bees are bad, if allowed to live they will 1-hit kill you. There are also strong patrolling mobs which walk around a large area. It's best in places to wait for them to walk away from an enemy crowd, then lure them in for the kill. There is one bit of trickery with stone faces, I'll add that in later as I have to run off to a meeting.

What's strong in my mind are the darkhold and vale. I'll make topics for them later.
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Re: Sunken Temple of Qarn
September 11th, 2013, 6:04 am

This is the first dungeon that it's very possible to run out of time. You have to have good DPS to kill fast. As you progress through the dungeon you will pick up artifacts. Near the end you will have to place them correctly to open doors containing treasure. If you place them wrong you will spawn enemies. Pay attention when you pick each one up. They have a corresponding sign/picture. Match the right one with the right picture. Just before the boss there will be a scale you have to place 2 items on. Once again a big battle if you place the wrong ones. At the very start of the dungeon there is a similar scale with the pictures on it. Make sure you look at that and place them correctly in the end.

Throughout the dungeon there will be head statue enemies. There is one roaming one, if you kill him you get a chest. For the others, you have to kill them on the platforms or they will not stay dead.

First boss. His gimmick is that he cast doom on everyone. You get rid of it by stepping on a lighted platform. There is a warning when he's about to cast it, you will get a message that he is growling. He spawns temple bees during this fight, kill them quick because it is possible for them to one hit kill you.

Second boss is a golem. Target his soultstone. Kill that then work on him. He still takes damage while it's out but very little. So kill the soulstone, work on him, back to the stone when it respawns and repeat. At 75% health remaining he will go into rampage mode, tanking does no good at this point.

Final boss. He will spawn the head statues, you must kill them on the platforms. Then verges (look like ankhs) will pop up. Take them down quickly. They will shoot lasers across the entire arena if left. Next verges will spawn with glowey field around them, when you approach them walls will come up. Kill them fast and the walls will go down. Leave them and they will do pulse damage to everyone. Next you will have verges popping up all over creating a laser maze. Kill the verges and avoid the lasers.

Oh, forgot to mention, while all this is going on you need to be killing the boss too.

Note from Lem, seem to him it's the first dungeon that punishes you not having good damage dealers. The only problems we've run into in this dungeon is the damage output not being fast enough. The lasers can be avoided but the verges can not in the final boss, so the pulse creating verges have to be killed quick. They don't have a lot of health, they have a long charge time but they hurt everyone if you don't kill them.
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