Duty Finder & Team content

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Duty Finder & Team content
July 22nd, 2013, 10:08 pm

Duty Finder
The tool you'll use to join Dungeons and other team instances.
Not much to say about that, it's well explained by the producer already :

In light party (4 players) content, the duty finder will try to get a tank, a ranged DD, a melee DD and a healer together (getting 2 ranged or melee DD is possible).
If you're 2 or 3 in a team, you can just use the duty finder to fill the missing roles.

Guild hests
They unlock at lv10, I think the developers are planning to introduce them in the main story, in the beta it wasn't the case.
They're short missions, with the first ones introducing the basis of team play (like linked monsters) and later ones becoming harder and more technical. It's good to try a few of them before trying dungeons if you want to get a quick feeling of team content

The first dungeons are introduced as part of the main storyline, the first one opens after you officially go visit the other cities. Each dungeon requires a specific quest line to open it, some (probably most) are not part of the main story and need to be found by yourself.

Teaming up isn't only for players
This part is not only true in instanced content, but everywhere : if you're in a team, the mobs will also team up against you.
When you select a mob, you can sometime see a link between it and other nearby mobs, all the linked mobs will attack at the same time if you hit one of them (or if they see you in the case of aggressive monsters). This link appears if you're in a team and your teammates are nearby, or if you're seriously over leveled compared to the mob.

Dungeons basic fight strategy
The basic team formation is the one given by the duty finder : 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 damage dealers.
In dungeons, trash mobs are almost always linked to other ones, you'll rarely have to fight only one trash mob alone, and since damage dealers can't solo trash mobs in dungeons (or not easily), that's where the tank and healer come into play. The tank is there to get the attention of the group of monsters, but even him won't last long without dying. To avoid that, the healer is there to keep him alive. While the tank is getting the attention, the damage dealers are killing the mobs.
As you noticed, the formation is centered around the tank, if the tank falls the healer is often the next one and everyone dies. Keeping the tank alive is the healer main priority, healing other players comes after that. For that reason, damage dealers need to control their damage to not become attacked by the monsters too often or they'll make an harder job for their tank (trying to get the aggro back) and their healer (having to heal 2+ targets instead of one).

Aggro management
I'm not planning to make a tanking guide here, but just show you how to know if you'll be attacked soon. In FF, the enmity (aggro) mobs have against you (and everyone) is visible , if you know where to look.

The marks below the class symbols are a visual representation of the aggro your current target has toward your team. "A" is the attacked player, the numbers are just the rank in the aggro list, 2 will be the next target if A (or 1) dies at this moment. The highest person in the aggro list always has a full meter , the other players have theirs filled up compared to it, so if your meter is close to be full, hold back or you'll become the next target of this monster. On this picture, we can see the archer is the one attacked, instead of our tank (I know Paz loves archers, lol).
The other part I marked (above the chat) is a different view, you can see your current target in brown (it's the top one here), the white gauge is for HP and the little crystal (green here) is for enmity. This crystal can be in 4 states.
Absent like on the 2nd monster : he doesn't even remember you hit it (lol)
Green : aggro below 75%
Orange : aggro over 75%, it's time to be careful about that.
Red : aggro 100%, you're the one the mob wants to kill.
Of course, tanks want all the crystals red and everyone else wants to keep theirs every other color.

Other random stuff about team play
Let the tank initiate fights, that way the mobs will get close to him and he'll be able to use AOE skills to increase the aggro on every of them.
Attack the same target as your tank, if you don't the mob you decided to attack will likely decide to attack you.
If the tank decides to put the numbered attack signs on mobs, follow the order and it'll be easier for everyone.

Healing skills generate aggro, so from time to time healers will be attacked if the tank isn't careful enough or if they spam high level (or AOE) heals.
If you're using ranged attacks, let the tank generate aggro before hitting, or you'll be attacked (like in the picture).
If you see your aggro meter close to max (as DD or healer), stop attacking to let time to your tank to build more aggro (unless you have a death wish).
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Re: Duty Finder & Team content
July 31st, 2013, 12:10 am

Agree with all of the above. I want to stress that when using the duty finder, the duty finder will attempt to find players with particular classes to fill out a party. If you are playing Marauder and are assigned to a party as a tank, you have to play tank as no one else will be capable of it. So be aware of your role when using Duty Finder and play it.
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