Impossible(?) lv14 story mission

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Re: Impossible(?) lv14 story mission
June 30th, 2013, 11:23 pm

Potion recharge time and casting rime do seem to be set to a fairly challenging level. It's funny, because when you are in a fight, you can use up your MP in a matter of seconds, and yet if you use an ether potion, it will take an interglacial age before you can use another. Meaning you really have to find ways of completing things without the support of potions.
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That is where THM has a severe advantage: our first skill regens our mp. Cast it 2-3 times and you're full again :D
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ive had trouble with that mission too. the first battle was nothing. when i beat the gargoyle part i only used about 2 potions. as a pugilist, i just letthe gargoyle follow me all the way to the left of boundary. started beating on the gargoyle and the mage didnt even move till gargoyle was almost dead
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