Accuracy required for coil

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Accuracy required for coil
May 27th, 2014, 12:42 pm

I call it bad design (call it what you will) but the only place in the game currently (as of 2.25) that requires a well developed accuracy stat is coil. For any other high-end content, even 400 accuracy is more than necessary (less for mages). But, for coil, you will need to raise the stat significantly higher. Tanks and physical attackers need notably more than mages. If your gear isn't quite up to snuff, food can help get you an extra 15ish accuracy.

Below is a listing of how much accuracy to have for a 100% hit rate, feel free to correct me with figures that are proven to achieve a 100% hit rate. The first value is for physical attackers and tanks, and the second is for mages.

first coil
turn 1: 465, 425
turn 2: 470, 430
turn 4: 475, 430
turn 5: 482, 435

second coil
turn 1: 495, 450
turn 2: 495, 450
turn 3:
turn 4:
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