Titan (Extreme)

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Titan (Extreme)
April 22nd, 2014, 10:05 am

Taking a stab at it, even though I've only been through the whole post-heart rotation a couple times and only have 2 clears. Refinements will happen based on more experience, and of course any input you guys provide.

Party Setup

Start with your generic 2 tank, 2 healer, 4 dps. It takes some really good players to pull off solo healing, and solo tanking, but both are possible.

Gear Recommendation

You're required to be average item level 67. It's better if everybody is 80 or higher though, mainly for strong dps. You don't want this fight lasting any longer than necessary.

General Notes

If you've watched a vid or read other guides, or played it yourself, you know this is one wild fight. Like hard mode, there is a script to follow, but now it's a longer script. The name of the game is still dodge, dodge, dodge with a couple critical dps checks. For those who have hard mode timing lodged in their heads, note timing will be different here, especially with bombs and landslides. It may be helpful to put a waymark on the south side of the arena, just outside the bright yellow area, for dealing with later mechanics. Mechanics overview:

Tumolt - will just call them stomps from here on. From start to finish, there will always be 4 stomps for a total of about 3200 dmg.

Landslide - just like story/hard, get out of this linear aoe as it will knock you off the platform. As the fight progresses there will be 3 then 5 landslides done at a time.

Weight of the Land - exact same as hard mode, however there will always be 5 players targeted from start to finish. It's extremely critical to dodge these at all times, because the main strategy involves having all 5 weights appearing in 1 spot, meaning instant kill if you're hit.

Mountain Buster - like hard mode, a somewhat trapezoidal aoe attack directed at who has aggro (main tank). The difference here is it applies a stacking debuff to the target with each use. With 2 tanks, do a tank swap every time someone gets 2 stacks.

Gaol - like hard mode, the rock prison that must be destroyed. 2 players are targeted, 1 dps and 1 healer. If a player isn't broken free fast enough they are killed. More on this in phase 2.

Bombs - like hard mode, but now with new patterns. Each new pattern will be noted in the respective phases.

Upheavel - a brand new attack, which happens during the gaols. This is simply a knockback radially outward from titan. The best way to handle this is for all players (main tank included) stack under titan's butt (really it'll look like he's about to rip a fart on you), main tank included, so you don't get knocked off the platform.

Geocrush - same as previous modes, be sure to be on the edge of the available platform to minimize the damage. Of course, watch for parts of the floor to break away during phase transitions (stay out of the red).

Phase 1
landslide (single) - weights - mountain buster - stomps

This is the warm-up phase. The 7 players who are not tanking should start a technique very necessary for later... stack on top of each other (and I mean directly on top of each other), or in a short line directly behind titan. Dodge landslide to a side, dodge weights to a side, and return to original position. This makes group healing simple, and is in prep for when you have a tiny platform later. This short rotation repeats until titan is down to I think 85% health, he'll then jump for geocrush.

Phase 2
landslide (3-way) - gaol - mountain buster - landslide (3-way) - stomps - weights - mountain buster - landslide (3-way) - weights - bombs - mountain buster

A big part of the platform disappears here, you're left with the same area as the last phase of hard mode. Landslides now fire in 3 directions, focused at a non-tank (when stacked, everybody) and another to each side. Dodge accordingly.

Gaol... this will always target 1 dps and 1 healer. The dps goes to titan's butt, the healer goes to the back edge opposite to titan. This will break the tether between the 2 targeted players. If the tether remains, the rock prisons will be almost invincible. All players get under titan's butt when he starts upheavel (main tank included) and break the dps free before upheavel executes. The knockback will put you by the healer in prison, break them free. The triple landslide will happen, be sure to dodge or not bust the healer free when landslide executes. These gaols have a nasty trick. They slowly cast granite sepulture, which will kill the imprisoned player if the cast completes. This is your most critical dps check. If both players are not free in time, you will not make it through the fight. On a plus side, there is no debuff. Just bust the players free and move on.

Bombs - here the bombs will cover a little over half of the arena. Move to the non-covered half. Note bombs here have a larger blast radius than in hard mode. Also, before the bombs detonate, a 3 way landslide will appear. The main tank must watch as they may have to dodge one of the side landslides.

The above rotation will repeat until titan is down to about 55% health. Titan then jumps for a geocrush.

Phase 3 (heart phase)
weights - gaol - landslide (5-way) - stomps - weights - bombs (circle pattern) - landslide (5-way) - weights - stomps - earthen fury

This geocrush shrinks the platform even more. This is the amount of space you'll have to work in for the rest of the fight. See why it's important to stack up the weights? It's critical here for titan to be tanked very close to the north edge of the platform, so the upheavel that happens during the gaol won't knock people off the platform. The imprisoned dps and everybody else need to stack tightly under titan's butt, so the knockback only pushes you to the south edge of the platform. The bomb pattern here is the same as the circle pattern in hard mode. Just note where the first bomb lands. Beware of the landslide that appears during the bombs, and carefully choose which small safe spot you dodge to. Ideally you bust the heart before the bombs appear, or right after they explode. It's usually messes up the party if the bombs are still present when titan's heart is broken and he jumps, as you gotta dodge the bombs and recover from earthen fury. Also, like hard mode, if the above rotation reaches earthen fury without the heart breaking, it's a wipe.

Tanks get a break here, no mountain busters!

Phase 4
adds – mountain buster - bombs (+x pattern) – landslide (5-way) – weights – gaol – mountain buster – stomps – double weights – bombs (3x3 row pattern) – landslide (5-way) – mountain buster – super bombs – stomps – weights – geocrush

So does that sound like a lot? it is.

adds - right away 2 mini titans will spawn. The off tank needs to gather up both to one side. Make sure it's known where they will be tanked right at the start of the fight... left side or right. It's important to point them toward the edge of the platform so their single landslides are aimed away from the party, and it's important for them to be as closed to stacked as possible, as close to the edge as possible. When they die they leave a poison pool, and you don't want those pools to interfere with titan tanking, or with the party stacking to dodge weights/landslides. Kill the adds quickly as the other mechanics keep on coming.

The +x bomb pattern is a killer because you're focused on adds, gotta watch the bombs, along with positioning a 5-way landslide and dodging accordingly. The first bombs to appear are on the N,S,E,W edges of the platform, then the 2nd set appears at NE, NW, SW, SE, and center. Ideally you're dropping the 2nd add by the time you're dealing with the landslide. The main idea is for the party to be on the same page for positioning and dodging the landslide. Stacking in the center or south edge, then dodging to SE or SW (depending where adds are if you're still dealing with them) tends to work well. When the first bombs explode quickly move (typically to the south edge of platform).

If you get through that previous paragraph unscathed, your party is in good shape. Nothing is new until the double weights, which can catch you by surprise. It's literally 2 sets of weights. The first set appears, when you dodge a 2nd set appears immediately below you. You just need to be ready to run back to the original spot behind titan as soon as the first set explodes. The 3x3 bomb pattern is just like the final phase of hard mode, just this time the landslide that appears is a 5-way (stack to position, dodge accordingly while remaining out of range of the center row) and you're working on a smaller platform. Also the bomb explosion timing relative to hard mode is different, let that middle row explode before you move as you'll likely get caught if you move right after landslide.

The final oh-shit moment is the superbomb pattern. Bombs cover the whole platform without any safe spot. You have to destroy a bomb to make a safe spot. These bombs take longer to detonate so you've got a little time. Kill the southernmost bomb, opposite titan. Stack when killing it as weights will appear during the process. You should be just about destroying the bomb the weights appear, as you only have a couple seconds after the weights explode to get rid of that bomb and be stacked on the south edge of the platform. Titan then jumps for a geocrush so remain on the south edge to minimize damage. After this geocrush, a 5-way landslide originating from the center of the area appears, stay along the edges to avoid it.

This entire pattern repeats once more. If Titan isn't dead after the 2nd geocrush here, he will perform upheavel without moving from the center of the platform. If it goes off everybody is knocked off the platform no matter where you stand.
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