Ultima (hard)

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Ultima (hard)
January 6th, 2014, 10:10 am

This is a battle of similar difficulty to titan, and for folks who haven't done coil there will be a couple new mechanics. If anybody has something to add, correct, etc. just let me know. I don't know all the details myself but this should give you the general idea. Check out some vids for the visual of all this stuff below, it's a lot.

Party Setup

Use the standard 2 tank, 2 heal, 4 dps.

Recommended Gear

You're required to be average item level 61, but I really think that should be more like 70 for starters.

General Notes

First and foremost, this fight is really rough on healers, and tough for tanks too. While it's easiest for dps it's certainly no sleeper.

The potential new mechanic for tanks is tank swapping. Throughout the fight ultima will perform an attack on the tank which stacks, progressively doing more damage. It's safest after the 3rd stack to switch tanks (if you have a very overgeared tank and healer you can go for 4 stacks). The other, for everybody, is grouping together to share damage. This happens later in the aetherial boom stages. If just 1 player walks into the bomb the damage they take will kill them, but if 4-5 get together then everybody takes 1000 or less damage each. At the start of the fight it's best to put a mark over the person who will lead this process, and say the order of progression. Typical seems to be clockwise from the "back" of the room (opposite to ultima).

There is an awful lot to watch for in this fight, right from the very beginning and it only gets more intense from there. Like titan, there is a ton of dodging to do. There are several phases to this fight, I don't know the exact damage thresholds but phases will change as you wear down ultima. I'll have to pick up on this as I do more fights, but I think it's roughly 15% increments. In any event, be ready for a lot of changing conditions.

Phase 1 (Garuda)

Garuda herself will appear in the middle of the room. Note where she's facing, and get behind her. She'll do a ~160 degree cone attack in front of her for big damage. At the same time if you're close to ultima, he will do vulcan burst to knock everybody back. Make sure this knock-back will not send you into Garuda's cone! After this, similar to story ultima, there will be a 1-2 punch of eye of the storm(?) which will damage anybody in the purple area on the outer perimeter, then geocrush which does more damage the closer you are to the center. To minimize damage here, stand on the very edge against the purple, and the instant it disappears run to the outer perimeter.

The above will repeat until ultima is down to ~85% health.

Phase 2 (Titan)

A new rotation begins.

- fire plumes on the outer perimeter immediately chased by weight of the land in the inner area
- tank purge (room-wide aoe for notable damage)
- fire plumes in the inner area immediately chased by weight of the land on the outer perimeter

For the first plumes/weights, the dead center of the room is a safespot. It'll be a tiny area that is not covered by the 4 weights. For the other, when weights are on the outer perimeter, there will be a bunch of safe spots between weights against the outer perimeter. Getting hit by a plume/weight and tank purge will kill you, so it's imperative to dodge the plumes/weights.

The above rotation will repeat until ultima is down to ~70% health.

Phase 3 (Ifrit)

Things start to heat up (yeah pun intended). It starts with eruptions. 2 players will be targeted by an eruption, and will be chased with 4 more. Even though 2 players are targeted, the whole party must be ready to react. It's best if the 2 targeted players get away from the party, and away from each other when avoiding the eruptions. The explosion is not as big as the area that changes color beneath you. Get to the outside away from the party, or if you're there already run in a circle. Other party members should watch where the eruptions happen and steer clear if needed.

When the eruptions are done, be ready to eat a tank purge

Next will come a series of fire plumes. In the midst of this ifrit will appear on the outer perimeter in the 3 point stance to dash across the room (just like ifrit hard mode). The rotation is
- 4 plumes in a "4 corner" formation along the outer perimeter, I think NW, SW, SE, NE with ifrit appearing somewhere on the edge in the 3-point stance
- an east-west line of plumes across the middle of the room, and ifrit's dash right when they explode
- 4 plumes in the same "4 corner" formation, and ifrit reappears somewhere in the 3-point stance
- a north-south line of plumes across the middle of the room, and ifrit's dash right when the plumes explode.

All of the above repeats until ultima is down to ~55% health.

Phase 4 (aertherial boom - 2 bombs)

When aetherial boom is being cast, everybody will be knocked back to the outer perimeter, then 2 pairs of bombs will appear, tethered together. The bombs move toward each other on the tether. If allowed to touch, the blast will wipe the party. When the boom is being cast, huddle by the marked player, or be in a line between him/her and the outer perimeter. When knocked back, stay very close (like, touching) the leader as they go approach a bomb. The leader will walk into the bomb, and ideally 4-5 players total are right there to absorb the damage. run over to the other and do the same. Immediately after a tank purge is coming, so healers gotta power through all this damage.

Next up comes a familiar mechanic from the story fight... the green laser that kinda looks like titan's landslide. These will always happen in sets of 3 for the rest of the fight. Like the story fight, it's dim so be watchful and get out of its path. I think it's a rotation of lasers and tank purge now until chaos ensues

Phase 5 (magitek bits - center)

At ~45% health, a ring of 6 magitek bits spawn in the center of the arena, firing blue lasers all over the place. Dodge the lasers. Destroy the bits, the quicker the better. In the midst of this, ultima will crash 2 airships into the arena. You'll see the radial patterns, get to the edge of the arena (best is near where the 2 rings intersect on the outer perimeter) to minimize the damage (can be as low as 400). All while dodging lasers of course. After the bits are destroyed there's a repeating pattern:

- green lasers
- an orb targeting a player that gets a green circle under them... kinda like dhorme chimera, draw it away from others, and stay far enough away yourself. they detonate after ~10 sec.
- I think tank purge is in here too

Phase 6 (aetherial boom - 3 bombs) then magitek bits (outer)

At ~30% health, Ultima unleashes another aetherial boom. Just like the first boom, huddle with the marked leader. You need to act a little more quickly as now 3 pairs of tethered bombs appear, one will be on a short tether. Either as a team of 5 or 6, take out the short tether then the remaining 2, or let the off-tank mitigate and eat the short tether while the group takes out the other 2. heal up to absorb tank purge in the midst of this too.

Now there will be a little bit of time with the green lasers, and 2 orbs will drift toward 2 party members. Emphasis on a little bit of time, as a ring of at least 10 magitek bits will spawn on the outer perimeter. blue lasers will fire all over, ultima will be doing his green lasers, and in the middle of this 4 airships come crashing down, this time the center of the arena is where to run to minimize damage. This part is pure chaos and requires constant movement. Get rid of them bits as quickly as you can.

When the bits are gone, recollect yourself but there's one last bit of trouble to take care of.

Phase 7 (aetherial boom - 4 bombs)

At 15% health, the final aetherial boom happens. The easiest thing to do here is huddle by the leader, but also the off tank at this time executes limit break 3. The 4 tethered pairs of bombs have very short tethers. With the tank LB active, just scatter and take out the bombs, you'll only take a couple hundred damage. Be sure to scatter, you've only got about 5 seconds to take out the 4 sets of bombs!

At this point it's just green lasers and drifting orbs (3 at a time now) until the end.

Oh, there's one other slight detail. You've got a total of 10 minutes to burn down ultima. After 10 minutes passes, he will disappear, reappear in the center, and cast ultima. You've got 10 seconds still to attack him if it's very close, but if not you will be wiped.

The loot is item level 80 jewelry.
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Re: Ultima (hard)
January 6th, 2014, 5:52 pm

nice work Haggar. I'm still scared and not even sure if I want to attempt these and extremes yet hehe.
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Re: Ultima (hard)
March 11th, 2014, 4:08 pm

I updated wording a bit based on my experiences, and added in the thresholds at which phases change. I'm not confident on what I put for phases 5 and 6 so if someone knows for sure they're something different let me know.
Neko Steward
Neko Steward
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