User Permanently Banned - ALKOR

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User Permanently Banned - ALKOR
July 30th, 2014, 1:13 am

We have taken the very unusual step of completely banning a user from the forum.

Well, the long and short of it is that Alkor has been permanently banned from this forum, our linkshells and will *never* be welcomed back among the Nekomimis FTW! Alkor misused his forum access, and the result is a permanent ban.

When a player leaves the Free Company, we change their group membership on the forum to reflect that change. While I was updating Alkor's forum group membership and permissions, there was an error (single extra mouse click....) that temporarily gave Alkor the equivalent of Admin access. Fortunately this was spotted very quickly by an eagle eyed Guardian, and the error was correctly immediately, we even closed the forum for a short while while we fixed things and investigated.

Unfortunately, it was spotted because Alkor was making use of the additional access to view things such as the officer only forum. Alkor was once an officer and knows that this forum is private to the officers yet he was viewing it. We also found that he had accessed the Admin panel for the forum as a whole.

We started investigating the logs, forum database and chat logs, and of course immediately challenged Alkor about his conduct. Forum Chat logs showed that Alkor was completely aware that a mistake had been made, and that he used that access anyway. Hina, myself, Haggar and the Guardians have evaluated the situation and Alkor's responses and agree that a permanent and immediate ban is appropriate.

Updated : I have reviewed all forum permissions, user settings and all of the system logs. No changes of any kind were made to system, forum or user settings/information. Forum and user password information was NOT revealed or altered. Passwords are encrypted using a 1-way encryption process and cannot be revealed using the Administration tools. Despite his attempt to cover his tracks, in fact all Alkor did was make things look worse by altering the administration log to remove record of him accessing the admin panel.

However, out of an abundance of caution, Hina and myself strongly recommend that you change your password for your own peace of mind - which is a standard precaution any time security is in doubt, no matter how slight the doubt.

Update :
We still recommend changing your password. In general, you should change your passwords periodically on any system.

The forum, website, domain name and webspace/bandwidth is something that Hina and I pay for out of our pockets for the guild/Free Company and our friends in other companies/guilds. If you think of the forum like a house; we own the house, we provide the furnishings, pay for the utilities, and open our doors to friends, family and guests. If you were visiting friends or family and there were parts of the hosts home that you were aware were private, and one day you found that the door was ajar, what would you do?

This is the situation Alkor found himself in. There was a mistake in the assignment of permissions that he clearly knew was a mistake and was well aware was unintentional, and that he was NOT authorized to use those permissions. In effect, he was at the door to the private room(s) in the hosts house, and the door was ajar.

Personally, in that situation, I presume that the door should be closed, and close it myself, and then go tell the hosts that their bedroom (or whatever room it was) door was open, and they might want to check on it.

Alkor's conduct on the other hand was the equivalent of just walking right in, looking around and then poking around in the closets and cabinets, even unlocking their doors to do so and looking at all the personal items contained. Then he carefully put things back the way they looked before, locking the closets and cupboards again to hide his trail and then returned to the party. Only someone saw him - he got caught. When he was challenged he has no explanation except bluster, no apology and no request for forgiveness, in fact he's even so bold as to tell the householder that they might need different locks on their doors.

That is what he's done to our forum, it's almost like being burgled, at very least its finding a friend snooping in your private things.

And so, Alkor has been permanently banned from all things Nekomimis.
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