Live Letter 5/24/14

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Live Letter 5/24/14
May 24th, 2014, 1:09 pm

As you all know, this morning was the latest live letter giving us the first peek at "Defenders of Eorzea" patch 2.3 as well as info on the upcoming 2.28.
Patch 2.28 will hit on 6/5/14. It was originally planned for earlier but problems in their office are to blame for the delay.

Some highlight from the live letter include: the upgrade of Animus to Novus (YAY!) These weapons will be level 110. No exact work on how we upgrade but something about spheres and alexandrite; and there being more ways to obtain the alexandrite.
New exploration log which will involve reaching weird places
high lever and expert roulette in a party
Thornmarch EX and Levithan EX in party finder
an option to skip cutscenes
teleportation via icons on the map
progress of fates will be displayed on the map
fantasia potions will be for sale (for real money on Mog Station)
new objective added to challenge log

2.3 will bring us:
Ramuh Hard and Extreme. He will drop accessories as a normal drop and the rare drop will be weapons
Tam Tara Hard and Stone Vigil Hard
Hullbreak Isle, a new dungeon with Kraken as the final boss
Item salvaging
resetting the point for your chocobo as well as other new chocobo content
A chocobo mount for 2
Private rooms
New CT that will drop both oil of time and sand of time (thank you for that!) The concept art they showed was beautiful.
Daily Hunts (that will drop/reward you with alexandrite....which you'll need for the novus upgrade)
Chocobo raising
Night wear (yes, pajamas it seems), new glasses and sunglasses with dye-able lenses
New standing and sitting poses (including kneeling)
Artifact armor will be dye-able

Also, not coming in 2.3 but coming soon...weddings. Yes, they showed the concept art for the wedding attire (as well as special chocobo wedding barding)
And the possibility of a summer event that will give us the Yukata.

I know I missed a lot but you can all check out the official translation Q&A on the forum.

Oh, and there will be a live, in English, letter from E3 on June 10, 2014 at 4pm EDT and another one on June 12, 2014 at 1pm EDT. Next FATE will be late July in Sendai. New veteran reward for 450 days are a goblin mask and wind up goblin minion.
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Re: Live Letter 5/24/14
May 27th, 2014, 11:03 am

The problems in their office that caused the delay of 2.28 to 6/5/ is a quote posted by a SE forum member who is fluent in English and Japanese.... terms of specifics, he(Yoshida-san) said that they're experiencing company-wide network issues, which have also hindered their ability to address bugs for the patch (it's cost them about three days of work). Furthermore, the building is being shut down for a yearly maintenance on May 31st and June 1st (saturday and sunday). If they released the patch on that friday, they would have no way of addressing issues if something went wrong that weekend, so they had to push it back to the following week.
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Re: Live Letter 5/24/14
May 27th, 2014, 11:09 am

... yeah that would suck to roll out the patch and have no way to address problems for several days. That's what at work here Tuesday is new implementation day, and minor upgrades/patches aren't allowed on Fridays.
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