general FF14 impressions

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general FF14 impressions
July 19th, 2013, 12:36 pm

a basic critique from my point of view.

Single player

The story they stuffed into the game has absolutely no business being in this game as far as I'm concerned. You've got thousands of people doing the exact same thing, I find it hard to call thousands of people the greatest adventurer to come to the lands. While it does make sense to have some sort of grand all-encompassing story, it should be purely multiplayer with sizable groups of players (i.e. more than 4) taking part in various components of the grand story... randomly generated stuff which is related to the story (I guess another form of guildhests come to think of it). Where a solo story does make sense is within every guild to be found in the various cities. Each guild should have a line of many quests (like 20-30) which show you how to play the game as that class, and in the end you are declared a master of the guild yada yada yada... head off to another guild and repeat. For those who have played Oblivion, think along the lines of those 4 guild stories, something I think was done just about to perfection. Anyway, this is a big flaw in the game and best to get it out of the way quickly so you can get to the good stuff.


Aside from the targeting system, I can't complain too much. When there's a group thing going on, like a FATE, it's difficult to target what you want to target. From what others say though, this is where macro creation comes in handy (a feature I need to mess with still). I like how you can set 8 different "command bars" so you should always have room to set up something you want to do with fewer button presses. I also really like how all emotes can be done strictly from the keyboard. For example, no need to press several buttons to wave, just type /wave. Overall combat is simpler than WKC, you don't need to worry about attack types and elements, just know your various commands and how to order them for maximum output (since some moves will enhance others). This is where *ahem* an involved guild quest system would show you how to use your class to it's max potential.


Definitely the meat and potatoes of the game, as it should be. The initial 4 player dungeons are fun and can get a bit crazy, I can't wait to see the ones which will allow up to 24 players to be in a party. The level sync function for dungeons makes it nice, since it puts all players on a level playing field. It's not like WKC where a GR30 can just drag low level players through and do all the work. Teamwork is always required.

One of the biggest benefits in the multiplayer system: a "world economy" system. Shops are set up to sell stuff at a high value and buy back for essentially nothing (seriously, it's like 2% buyback). Add on a lack of any reliable source of money (you get a fixed amount from story quests then small awards from leves/hests), and players will resort to crafting their own gears, and selling stuff over an open market instead.

One other item we're likely all thankful for... the free company allowing for 512 members and linkshells for 128 each. No longer are we stuck with 16 person limits, larger group chats can happen now! There's also the general world chat but that got annoying quickly, and thus disabled. Even within the free company or linkshell all members that are online can see your requests for help and what not.

Aside from a random game crash, which all of us probably experienced, I didn't come across anything buggy or exploitable. I'm guessing a lot of that stuff was caught in the earlier phases of beta? I didn't experience a lot of lag either, but did at times and boy can it throw off your combat rhythm. The most common lag I saw would be when running around. You think somebody you're following stopped, then suddenly they appear way ahead of you. Minor stuff...

Altogether, with just the base content we'll see at release, it will take hundreds of hours to reach level 50 in everything to truly max out your character. I'm guessing with time there will be various expansions and level cap increases which can keep us busy for thousands of hours. Now that money is on the line, they have to do something to keep players renewing their subscriptions.
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Re: general FF14 impressions
July 19th, 2013, 4:39 pm

theres only a couple things i didnt like quest related. i started as pugilist in uldah or whatever the name of that city was. did every story quest and all other quests in the area. i hated going to the other main cities to do quests because i have to start from the lower level quests to get the higher level ones. but these "new" quests are basically the same ones i did from the start. im just redoing them at a different starting point, same rewards too.

second one is just a minor thing. quests dont pop up on maps unless youre close to the area. i like being some place like in uldah area and check if theres quests in gridania area without teleporting there. such a waste of gil to teleport there for nothing not to mention that theres loading between teleports when i just want to check whats up.

other than those, i think it was a good game to play.
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