FFXIV Beta Phase 3 Server & LinkShell

This is the place for Chillin', kicking back and relaxing. Talk about Final Fantasy. Don't make the Toppu Neko mad.

Reminder to all.
The NekomimisFTW! are on the BEHEMOTH server during Beta Phase 3. Our Linkshell is up and running called "NekomimisFTW!".

ALL are welcome to join, membership of the linkshell is not exclusive to any particular group....except of course it's a Beta test, so if you're not in the test, you're not in the LinkShell.... ;)

As far as I know you can only be added to the LinkShell while you are actively online, so we will be extending the leadership on the LinkShell to cover as many timezones as we can.

To be included in the LinkShell (if you are not already part of it) post your character's full name exactly as it is typed in FFXIV in reply to this. One of the current leaders of the LinkShell will add you to the LinkShell.
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The name or the link to your avatar on Lodestone, like this : http://eu.beta.finalfantasyxiv.com/lode ... r/1544080/
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I'm in the linkshell, as you're aware since we were babbling some last weekend in there. Blame Paz :D
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