Forum Update - New feature and theme

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Forum Update - New feature and theme
August 1st, 2013, 11:22 am

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know of a few new features that we are adding to the forum for everyone to make use of.

First of all the biggest changes;

Hina is working on a new theme for us to use. The New Theme is called "SE Gamer" and is available in the control panel settings for your board preferences. Edit your global Settings and you will find the choice of theme there. The theme has new banner graphics and a more compact layout.

Next up is a "thumbs up" add-on for the forum. This is currently available on the ProSilver and Digital themes, and will be integrated with the SE Gamer ASAP. This let's you up vote a post someone makes. A new icon appears next to the 'quote' button while you are browsing posts, when you click it, it adds a "thanks" for posting to the author. It functions similarly to the link/unlike button on the SE FFXIV Beta tester forum.

Finally I have modified the youtube BBCode and added a new one. The "YouTube code was modified to give a larger widescreen playback window. This is how you would use it. Use the "[youtube]" tag, and put the code from youtube that identifies the video as seen below;

Code: Select all

Looks like this;

There is a second version of the youtube BBCode called "ytsm" or "youtube small" this is a smaller window for youtube playback. this works just like the "youtube" code, but produces a smaller window;

Code: Select all

Looks like this;
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