Regarding Spammers and other Net abusers

News about the forum, website & Facebook page.

Account activation is by Administration only, no automatic activation. All requests to join the forum are reviewed, and I refer to project honeypot if I am in any doubt about a user's IP Address. I will only activate accounts if I am certain that they are legitimate.

If you are a legitimate user and use a proxy or proxies top obscure your original IP address, it is likely that you will be rejected as many of the proxies used to protect IP addresses are also abused by spammers. If that is the case, I am sorry, but you will need to find either a proxy that is not known for abuse, or not use a proxy to access the NekomimisFTW site.

Note, I always IP ban spammers and any other Net abusers and I will IP ban any forum member that gets a permaban.

PS. If you use a Russian, Ukranian, or Chinese domain, you will almost certainly be banned immediately. Domains from these countries are responsible for 90% of the spammers we see, and as such are considered suspect. I know we have players/members from many parts of the world, so you you are actually from one of these countries and find yourself banned immediately, please be patient, and contact the admins and explain the problem.
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