New BBCodes available for use.

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New BBCodes available for use.
March 11th, 2013, 1:20 pm

New BBCodes available.

Strikethrough BBCode "strike".

Code: Select all
[strike]test this strike through.[/strike]

test this strike through.

'spoiler' BBCode (updated version)

Code: Select all

Click the [+] to open the spoiler. When editing there must be a spoiler title in the opening tag as shown above.
Here is the example;

Single line indentation BBCode - 'indent'.

Code: Select all
[indent]test Indent[/indent]

test Indent

Oh, and forum moderation notices added to posts will look like this...
Moderated Message:
This is how moderation notes placed by moderators will look

New BBCode for YOUTUBE

A new tag for use to embed YouTube videos.

Code: Select all
[youtube]<youtube video code>[/youtube]

Here's an example of this code;

Code: Select all

and this is how it will come out in your posts;

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