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Re: Anime Series
June 4th, 2013, 10:24 pm

someone suggested that i watch samurai deeper kyo, never got around to it though but other than whats already said, thats the only other samurai anime i know other than that complete fanservice anime hyakka rouran which i dont recommend. most ninja/samurai anime now seems to be just fanservice anime.

oh almost forgot, i liked asu no yoichi anime. its not a serious anime though. more comedy/romance/harem anime.

what i really want to watch is this anime called yaiba. its an old one, only watched a few episodes because as i kid, i never really had a say on what i watch. dad alwAys watched the news at that time. sadly i cant find it any where. its sort of a samurai anime but more comedy.

it really annoys me that i cant find those animes i watched as a kid anywhere anymore. luckily i found one of them, zenki. too bad i cant play it on my ps3
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