fun in the cold

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fun in the cold
January 28th, 2014, 2:14 pm

So yeah, most of the US has been in the deep freeze this month. Having spent the first 22 years of my life in a couple parts of New England, I got pretty tough against the cold. Even living in the Washington DC area for 13 years now has not weakened my resistance to the cold. Every year I watch people bundle up for the arctic when the temps first dip into the 30s, and that's when I think it's time to dust off the light coat. Having several days here where it doesn't even reach 20 during the day and dips to near 0 at night is a bit rough on the locals. If it's at all windy in the morning, schools are delayed. Pathetic right?

This weather has turned into a game for me to see what kind of reactions I can get from people. In the base of my office building is a carry-out food place in one direction, and my bank in the other. Both are maybe a 150 foot walk outside? I always head out just in my short sleeve shirt (it's always 75ish inside, no need for anything heavier). The wtf reactions start in the elevator if there are others heading outside. Outside, I always get looks, sometimes double-takes. Just now when I left the to get some cash from the bank, one security lady says "is that for real" as I exit... and when I return a couple min later she says "man wtf is wrong with you, it cold" as she's bundled up for the arctic INSIDE. But it's at best 50ish in the lobby because of constant door opening.

I should note that regardless of seeing how people would react, I'd still just go out in a short sleeve shirt. For such a short time outside it's mind over matter. Now as long as the building fire alarms don't go off during that short time outside and I can't get back in... :lol:
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Re: fun in the cold
January 30th, 2014, 12:37 am

Can't say I'm that resistant due to certain parts getting very cold. My ears, hands and especially fingers and my arms get very chilled. I often just put on a jacket and gloves indoors because running the heat isn't neccessary. The rest of me and then as a whole ends up too warm lol.
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