Update 3/11/2013 - Forum News

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Update 3/11/2013 - Forum News
March 6th, 2013, 3:03 pm

Our forum is open!

Already we have approximately 20 of the guild signed up. Please ask your friends in the guild to sign up, we want to build a strong community that we can all benefit from.

Our forum is not limited to current members of the NekomimisFTW! guild. Any former member (except those who have been removed by the guild leaders) is welcome to join. Also, any friends of the NekomimisFTW! who are not guild members are all welcome to join us as well. So, spread the word...

Forum Features/Configuration
Hina has been working hard installing ans setting up extras for us to use;
  • Additional Themes (you can configure themes in your user control panel)
  • NekomimisFTW customized
  • New Smilies
  • Avatar images
  • Icons
  • Rank labels
  • Much, much more.

Hina's also working on a chat module for the forum. It's installed and running. Call it a work in progress as Hina is still working on getting it to integrate properly with the forum main page and themes.

Screen names.
Not everyone signs up to forums as their character - unlike KOSMOS who's taken over a small corner of my mind and acts on her own when I'm not looking; she even made a Facebook page!! So, if you signed up under your real name, for example "Nigel Smythe Jones", but your avatar in WKC is "KnightLord", please add your WKC avatar name into the provided spot on your profile information. That way we will know who you are.

Guild Name
Since the forum is open to NekomimisFTW! guild members as well as friends who are not in our guild, please list your WKC2 guild membership in the spot provided on your profile information, it is right below your WKC Avatar name.

Account activation is handled by the admins. This is to prevent spammers from accessing the forum and flooding it. Pleas eb patient when applying for membership. When we evaluate a membership, we will lookup the IP address at one of several spam reporting sites, if the IP address is suspect, we will IP, email and username ban the account immediately. There are no exceptions and no appeals to this.

Proxy Servers
Legitimate users are encouraged not to use anonymous proxy servers to obscure IP addresses. Such proxies are generally on the spam lists, and are considered suspect. We understand the desire for privacy and security which is why we treat anonymous proxies as suspect. In addition to their use by users trying to maintain privacy, such proxies are also frequently used by those seeking to break the privacy of others or simply disrupt through spam. Therefore we encourage all users to avoid anonymizers.

Thanks everyone, enjoy the forum.

New BBCodes added 03/11/2013

Detail in this post;

KOS & Hina
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