GW2 gameplay vids

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GW2 gameplay vids
October 10th, 2013, 9:24 am

Just in case anybody is interested ill be posting a few gameplay vids of guild wars 2on my youtube channel now and again.

ill try showcase the different aspects of gameplay so every1 can kind of see what we get up to lol.

so far i have 1 test upload i did of a 360 view of my ranger Thalia, a dungeon run on my mesmer, Oriana (missed the first minute cuz i forgot to record), a short vid on 1 of the special limited time harvesting items for halloween and a nice little dance number of the Asuran dance troupe consisting of Oriana (me), Kitty Glitters (rhaps) and tanssi our friend from gw2 :D

Hoep you all enjoy!! ^_^

Also our server has been changed to the NA server: Crystal Desert, due to problems on the EU side.
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