Games we will never see in the West...

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Games we will never see in the West...
October 1st, 2013, 3:30 pm

but I want so badly I will import it

this was shown at TGS and OMG I want this so badly. 4 months after I get my PS4 I will get has everything a game can offer - the fun starts about a minute in - there's forging, logging, farming, pet training, fan dancing, rock -paper scissors type game, other type dancing, relationship sim and oh yeah killing stuff with a samurai sword and gun...some strange hodge-podge bliss O.O
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For me it's the 3DS games Beyond the Labyrinth and Time Travelers. Both look so good but I doubt we'll ever see them. And for these it's not as simple as importing them, the 3DS is region locked. Am still hoping some of the Japan only Fire Emblems will get a release after the success of Awakenings.

Also Final Fantasy Type Zero still has a slim chance of making it out of Japan but I'm not holding my breath on that one. I did import it but it's a bit tough to go between the internet translations and the game.
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all i want so far is yakuza 5 and all future yakuza games. but none will be localized because they say its not worth it. prevous yakuza games only had subtitles and im fine with it. hell, i down want a stupid english dub. if they put eng dubs on their game, no localization needed.
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