EverQuest Next - is this what WKC died for?

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Sony is prepping everquest next and this article;

http://www.bit-tech.net/news/gaming/201 ... revealed/1

talks about something that sounds familiar to this refugee from WKC...

"SOE also revealed Everquest Next Landmark, a sandbox building game that allows players to create objects and buildings in the Everquest Next world."

Does that sound a little like Georamas to you?

Apparently the game's story will adapt to players actions to present each player with a tailored story. interesting stuff. ARR better get a move on. Though I should add that this WKC refugee will run a thousand miles from any Sony online RPG at this point...
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I didn't play WKC, really don't even know what it's about :sorry: but I am looking forward to EverQuest Next as well as Archage.

I'm really hoping EQ Next though delievers as EQ will always hold a fond memory in my heart as the first and best MMO I've played. Just hope they stick with more of it's roots and open sandbox. Time will tell and I'm also still hoping FFXIV will last me awhile to.
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Also loved EQ (except when Nagafen refused to give me my pally lol) as it was also one of my longest played MMOs but not sure I trust SoE anymore.

A lot of the new MMOs they made haven't been good and all of them had great sounding ideas but the implementation was done poorly. EQ Next shows some good promise so hope it does well since I just want to see EQ do well again. Though I probably won't be playing it as my computer is pretty horrible and unlikely good enough to run it >_<
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