NekomimisFTW! Guild Relaunch

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NekomimisFTW! Guild Relaunch
March 12th, 2013, 4:54 pm

Relaunching the NekomimisFTW! Guild

Our guild has undergone changes recently. We have gone back to basics, renewing our rules, reviewing our recruitment and trimming the membership by excluding inactive players. The game too has undergone many changes; many of the original players have moved on to new games. However, the NekomimisFTW! guild is still here and still active. We know that there are many active players with a long term interest in this game, and that there are new players still joining the game.

The new and improved NekomimisFTW! guild is once again actively recruiting new members. If you are interested, read on...


The NekomimisFTW! guild is for players that play the game for pleasure. Our name is playful, and fun, just like the anime characters that inspired it. That is how our guild is meant to be - playful and fun. The NekomimisFTW! guild is one of the oldest WKC2 guilds and one of the top 10 guilds. We are a relaxed guild of friends and family who play because we enjoy the game and the company of our friends. We are happy to share that with anyone who share's our values.

The core values of the NekomimisFTW! guild are;

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Friendship

The guild rules are based on these core values. If you have integrity, and respect your fellow guild members you will act and speak in a friendly, respectful manner. Players with Integrity will not disrespect their friends by cheating, or ignoring requests for help. Our guild is a friendly helpful place, we work together as a team, to help each other benefit from the team effort. The NekomimisFTW! guild welcomes team players, not team slayers, we are a guild, we work together towards shared goals. One team, one dream.

The NekomimisFTW does not accept temporary membership of any kind. We are interested in long term members who work as part of a team and share our core values. We are Nekomimis, we do not tolerate haters and accept no grief. Be friendly and have fun. Help each other and other players. All guild members are equally welcome and valued.

The NekomimisFTW! guild asks all members to be active and use their guild tokens. We do not use daily or weekly check-ins, nor do we demand that you play daily to use your tokens. The guild does have guild officers, they are not named, and their role is to help the leadership be aware of any problems within the guild. The guild officers are not responsible for making sure players use their tokens. We encourage our members to use their tokens and play regularly so that they can better support each other and the guild.

Players should note that if they are looking for a guild just so they can access top 10 benefits, are looking for a place to park an inactive avatar, or expect others to run the hard quests for them, the NekomimisFTW! guild is not for them. Our guild members work together, and help each other; everyone participates in quests, we do not carry members.

The NekomimisFTW! beyond White Kinght Chronicles
[+] Beyond WKC - Click to view
The guild has a Facebook page - search for NekomimisFTW on Facebook to find it.

The guild also has it's own website, and forum. The forum may be accessed at;

Guild Recruitment Policy
[+] Recruitment - Click to view
The NekomimisFTW! guild is interested in recruiting players with a long term interest in playing and who match our guild's personality and values.

All players who want to join the NekomimisFTW! guild must follow the application process. There are two ways of becoming members of the NekomimisFTW! guild;
Method 1
  • Quest with a member of the NekomimisFTW! guild. Applicants must indicate who they quested with so that the guild leadership can ask that guild member whether the applicant is a team player and a good fit with the guild.
  • Explain their reasons for joining the NekomimisFTW!
  • Applicants must agree to the guild rules**.
Method 2
  • Receive a personal recommendation* by a current member of the NekomimisFTW! guild.
  • Applicants must agree to the guild rules**.
* - Recommendations must be made via Bmail. Send recommendations to either KOSMOS or Hinagiku, recommendations should explain why the guild should accept the player being recommended.
** - Applicants must accept the rules in 'writing' using the Bmail system. Send a Bmail message to KOSMOS stating you accept the guild rules and that you agree to obey the rules

All new members accepted by the NekomimisFTW! guild serve a probation period of 6 weeks. During that probation new guild members will be removed if any complaint is brought against them.

Decisions regarding membership of the guild will be made as needed. Decisions will normally be made within 24 hours of the completion of the application process.

NekomimisFTW! guild rules.

The Guild rules are enforced actively. Players have been removed from the guild for cheating, creating drama, and showing a complete lack of respect for other players. If you are in any doubt about the rules and their meaning for you, please review your conduct and read the rules carefully.

ALL guild members have the authority and responsibility to help enforce our guild rules. If you see someone breaking the rules, challenge the member and/or contact KOSMOS or Hinagiku to report the matter. Everyone in the guild has the responsibility of making sure that our guild remains a fun, respectful and friendly place to play.

Complete Guild Rules
[+] Rules - Click to view
The rules are simple, guild members that break the rules will be removed from the guild.

1. Cheating/Modding/Hacking. These things are forbidden in our guild. You may not use a hacked or modded save file. Players with hacked or modded saves are not allowed to join the guild. Any guild member found to have modded their save will be removed from the guild. All guild members must be careful who they play with, some of the modded save files can have unexpected results on other players save data including the loss of items. Our guild is know as a cheat free guild, and will remain that way.

2.Respect for others. Guild members must be respectful at all times, we have a wide range of members from the young to the old, family members, friends, and couples. Do not use any foul or abusive language in public messages or voice chat. How we communicate is a vital aspect of respect. Sometimes we all slip-up, and mistakes happen. However repeated swearing (for example) is not respectful and is unacceptable in our guild. If you wish to relax with friends, create a private, locked room.

We are a respectful, friendly, family friendly and helpful guild, all guild members must respect that and act accordingly.

3. Player Conduct. This is a co-op game, and teamwork is necessary. No one player is the boss or captain in a quest, the team must work together. Persistent failure to work with others, rude, bossy or disruptive behavior is against the rules of our guild. Offering helpful advice in a friendly, respectful manner is part of teamwork, that advice should never seem to be bossy or rude.

4. Personal Drama. No drama, personal conflicts of any sort, whether with another guild member, or a player from outside the guild must be dealt with outside the guild. Such matters are NOT guild business, they are personal business. The guild has members as young as 12, all members must keep their personal business to themselves. ALL members must remember that our younger guild members are not ready or able to deal with more mature subjects, so keep those matters to your private communications and outside the guild.

5. Check-in Process. A monthly Check-in is required. A new check-in topic is posted in the guild message board once every 4 weeks. Guild members must reply at least once within that 4 week period. Replies must be made in the check-in topic posted to the guild's WKC message board, not via bmail. The check-in message will include the date when the check-in closes. Players that fail to reply to that check-in will be removed from the guild - unless the player has previously approached the guild leadership about an absence.

The core principle is one of respect. If you respect your fellow guild members you will speak respectfully, avoid drama and won't cheat. Poor conduct, and anything that a guild member does that brings shame on the guild will earn the member a warning and may result in players being removed from the guild.

Guest Policy
[+] Guests - Click to view
Guests are expected to obey our rules. Guests must be respectful, cause no drama and must not use a modded save in our guild rooms. If you have any friends from outside the guild visiting, it is your responsibility to make sure that they do not break the rules. If any guest is being rude, abusive, disruptive or using a modded save, they should he asked to stop, or leave. All guild members are empowered to do this. We work together to keep our guild clean and safe.

So, join us, make friends and have fun. Remember though, the ears are optional...
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