Duskmoon Tower Moonbeam Gem Doors

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Duskmoon Tower Moonbeam Gem Doors
May 1st, 2013, 9:38 am

There are a total of 8 Gem doors in duskmoon tower. these can be sen on the map with a Ø symbol for any locked doors.

The loot is fixed to each chest and also doesn't restock until NG+ and the doors also reset to locked when this is done.
moon gems can be earned by exploring the maps, drop loot by the final boss and also 1 guaranteed from the middle chest as a reward for killing him every time.
Here is a complete list of the loot and which door hides them.

Duskmoon Tower: First floor - 5 doors
south of map:
West door - adepts robe (sorc, mage and Mag Archer)
Middle door - Dragons Glaze (longbow)
East door- Trophy Jacket (strider, assassin, ranger, Magick archer)

NorthEast of map:
Top door - Dragons Ire (shortbow)
Bottom Door - Ring of Perseverance - increases Discipline earned by the wearer

Duskmoon Tower: Second floor - 2 doors
East door - Dragon's Roost (shield)
West door - Ring Of Desication - dries user and relights the lantern (if equipped) INSTANTLY once out of water

Duskmoon Tower: Third floor - 1 door
to the west along a cliff - Adept's Mantle (All classes)

Happy hunting :)
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