A Quest Ended Too Soon; Fond Memories

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A Quest Ended Too Soon; Fond Memories
April 16th, 2013, 8:46 pm

Ended too soon. A quest where the corporates ended it early. As Quest Complete popped up, it left people unstatisfied and wondering why. As the time draws near, let's look back at our fondest memories.

One of my fondest memories was when the the dlc came out. It was really fun figuring out what to do. For once, most people didn't already have the knowledge before me and I felt I was contributing more by discovering things and suggesting ideas. Also all those times running the harder dlc quests so smoothly. I felt part of a well accomplished team. I know many had lots of fun so hopefully we'll hear about good times here.
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I can't really go listing specifics, but rather the big picture.

Something must have been done right with this game given how often I willingly threw away sleep to play the game. The best part really was meeting and interacting with so many different people, learning from one another, etc. There have been many times where I sit there swearing at the TV based on what others are doing, but for each of those moments there were 10 good moments to wash them away. Then of course there are teh various challenges made by ourselves, or by dc's, that give us a high when the end result is a success.

It took me probably 2 weeks to come to acceptance with things (I was down right depressed for 3 days probably), but I know I'll cross many folks again in future games. Prior to wkc I only had 4 or 5 people on my psn list, now it's around 25 and growing as I seek to maintain contact with people.
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It's not the game itself that I will miss. WKC broke me in to gaming... I never thought I would actually be good at the game, let alone meet people who I will stay in contact with as long as the internet allows it. My first online quest was terrifying and I don't even want to think about how horribly I played long ago.

I live in a place where I have no friends. The time I spent socializing and playing with friends in WKC was very special to me and that is what I will miss the most.
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The people are indeed who i will miss the most. A lot of my friends don't even play anymore which is sad :( So i don't play as much as i used to. The best memories are the ones that i interact with people. People who i can just joke around and have a blast not caring to much on getting a S or completing it. Just sitting for hours saying that we are going to quest, but get side tracked lol. Now those are the best.
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I will miss everything if the server closes, the people ive quested with, both legits and modders, going to the guild room, hanging with everyone and questing together. WKC is such a fantastic game, it will always hold a special place in my heart. But remember, there's always hope, even in the most unlikely of forms.
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Maybe they will end up getting enough money to keep the WKC servers open, even after they get shut down :???:
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