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Spear guide

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Spear guide
March 9th, 2013, 11:46 pm

In WKC2 Spear is a weapon dedicated to take damage not deal them, if dealing huge damage is your goal, go see the axe or longsword guides.
The role of the spear user is to Tank monsters, meaning his role is to take damage instead of someone else. If you decide to use that weapon, your armor will not only protect you, but also your teammates. It also means that if you die, chances are that the rest of the team will follow soon after.
Spear is one of the weapons with the fastest attack animations in the game, meaning that if you go all out with your strongest attacks, you'll be left if no MP really quick. You should refrain of using Omega Strike and Cross Lance on every trash mob crossing your way, preferring weaker attacks even if you need to finish the mob with Impale.

-Essential skills
Impale : basic thrust skill, nice to finish mobs or to easily get AC for no cost.
Carve : 10MP slash, pretty efficient for its cost.
+Sonic Javelin : 12mp AOE attack, can hit multiple enemies, hit more than one and have reasonably short animation.
Gliding Lance : because you need to jump to hit flying wyverns and break some monster heads.
Force Field : your best defense, a must have.
Dispirit Field : because some monsters are able to use magic. It reduces INT, but your not a mage so it does nothing bad on your stats.
+Support Field : +fortify with an added MP regen included, a real must have.
Threaten : your role is to attract the attacks on you, and it's the skill doing that.
+Inert field : instantly slows everything around you, extremely useful to have more time to keep yourself alive.
+Tiger rage : attract every trash mob around, and kill them all in one hit.
Shield splitter : the only attack in the game with damage depending on your DEF. And since you're a tank, your def is high.
Faultless defense : guard and heal in one move, extremely useful when used at the correct time.
Guardian : gives AC when taking damage, and your weapon is exactly about that.

Heal III or IV : because long fights will lower your health, even if less than on other players.
Raise : because being the last one standing happens sometime.
Fortify : because Support Field costs 2AC so you can't use it that often.
Haste : tanks are using heavy armors, so they're slow.
Fatigue : increasing your def is nice, but lowering the monsters atk greatly helps too.
Holy light : not only it kills skeletons, but it also stagger dragons, something the attacks in your skill set can't do.

-Good to have skills
Omega strike : costly, but strongest thrust skill.
Cross Lance : costly, but strongest slash skill.
Air Stinger : to hit giants/trolls heads.
+Body shield : halves the damage of the next physical attack, have no time limit.
+Magic shield : halves the damage of the next magical attack, have no time limit.

Healing Breeze : some tanks like to have a HP regen, I don't find that useful.
Mana barrier : will stack with dispirit field, making it useful for monsters with very strong magical power.
Divine Lore : casting heal, fortify and fatigue all the time is expensive on the long run, make it cheaper with that.

-Overrated/Useless skills
Shield bash : costs nothing, but its low damage is just pitiful, prefer Shield splitter.
Full Shield : activates both Body Shield and Magic Shield at once, but they're also destroyed together, so it's better to use them separately since the total cost is the same.
Uncanny Cry : lowering the aggro of everyone in the area was a nice idea, but also affecting the one using it was a bad idea.

Every + spell : too slow to cast so it'll likely be interrupted, and too expensive.
Raise II : takes an eternity to cast, so is very likely to cause a quest failure if you're the last one standing.
Mollify : your job is to take damage, not deal damage, let the attackers do that one.
Slow : won't stack with Inert Field.

I advise to have 2 armors, one you'll use to tank and one you'll use the rest of the time.
Your tank armor should stack as much DEF and RES as possible, for that you'll need high base DEF/RES with VIT/SPR bonuses. Sacrificing every other stat (like dex or mp) is fine, your goal is to stay alive and that's all that matters. You need vit and spr on it it because 1vit=1def and 1spr=1res, so an armor with 150def will have less def than an armor with 142def and 13vit.
Heavy armors should be your 1st choice, being heavier means you'll block automatically more often and you won't be blown by hits as much as in lighter armors.

For the other armor, try to reach 113 dex, then you can take the other stats you want. I still recommend one or two pieces with MP. If you have parts you can use with both armors, you won't have to switch all four pieces to tank, so you won't need to keep all the parts on yourself. For example, I have gloves with str/vit and boots with vit/dex, so I only need to switch my chest and leg pieces.

Last point, your shield. They come in heavy or light models, heavy prevent knock down better than the other ones, but makes you extremely slow. Light shields have no effect on your speed, I find better the use these than heavy ones because you can react quicker when something bad or unexpected happens.

Fortify and Support field replace each other, but Force Field will stack with that effect, really increasing your def.
Dispirit Field will stack with Mana Barrier, use both if you take too much magic damage.
The enraged mode of big monsters has a duration equal to most buffs/debuffs (like Fortify, Force Field and Fatigue), so renewing them just after it enrages will guarantee they won't run out before the monster power goes back down to normal.
You don't have time to cast Fate's favor and Angel's favor in fights, but casting them before gives you time to activate Force Field/Dispirit Field before taking your first damage.
Damage from physical attacks have no lower cap (they can deal 0), but magical damage have one, depending on the monster casting the spell and the level of the quest. If your res is high enough, you might reach it so dispirit field and mana barrier won't reduce the damage further.
Shield Splitter damage depends on your def including buffs increasing it. Don't hesitate to use Force Field before hitting with that attack, the damage will be higher.

Always carry mana potions, the MP regen from support field is too slow to compensate the MP you're using. You should also carry Ward Chimes or Panaceas, being unable to cast Fatigue on an enraged monster is a really bad situation. Don't spam 20MP moves all day, your mana pool will never be able to hold. 10MP moves will allow you to get AC from hitting the monsters and being hit (thanks to Guardian) if you don't kill them in one hit. Your shield gives you extra def, you should be able to run through little mobs without taking damage, and they'll even give you AC thanks to guardian.

Your weak attack type is Strike, so you should use slash attacks on monsters weak to strike if you don't have enough AC for Shield splitter. As mentioned above, no attack in the spear skills can stagger dragons, but holy light will take care of that if you cast it on the head at the right time.

Here's the specially of the spear : tanking, the act of focusing the aggressiveness (aggro) of the monsters on yourself to take the damage instead of someone else.

Taking the aggro
Select Threaten, make sure the monsters you want to attract are in the red circle and push X, simple enough isn't it ?
It's not quite that simple, Threaten isn't the only skill generating aggro, and monsters will go for the one generating the most. Doing it twice at the beginning of a fight helps securing the aggro at this point.
Aggro is generated by :
-Threaten or Provoke (the sword skill attracting one enemy)
-attacks, the stronger the attack, the more aggro is generated. Attacks on weak points like head or tail generates much more, that's why I just laugh when mages hitting the heads complain about dying.
-every debuff, with +versions generating more, but more expensive and long to cast.
-Healing and protective spells too, both favors generating the most.

As you can see, basically every action generates some aggro, even if the biggest source (aside threaten and provoke) is still damaging the monster. That's why I prefer just take care of every monster but one, letting it alone against everyone else while I'm keeping its friends busy somewhere else on the field. When losing the aggro, using Threaten more than once might be needed to get it back.
When a big monster is switching target, you see an indicator, it's red when you're the new target, blue when it's someone else. If it goes to someone else, the next attack will be on that person (if it's a physical one) even if you used Threaten enough times to get the aggro back on yourself.

Damage mitigation
Ok, so you know how to attract the monster, now it's time to survive the attacks they'll send you.That's the real area of expertise of that weapon, you have a big choice of means to protect yourself (and teammates). And it's good news, because without these shields you're as good as dead when you have three big monsters at once on you, or even one big enraged monster.

It's not really hard to reduce the damage, you just need to be sure of two things all the time : Is the monster power reduced ? and Are your defensive buffs still active ? If one of those questions is answered by no, you need to apply the missing buff/debuff as soon as possible. Here's the list of skills related to that : Support Field, Fortify, Force Field, Dispirit Field, Mana barrier, Fatigue and Inert Field.
Of course, it's useless to use Dispirit Field or Mana Barrier against monster unable to cast magic. Force Field shouldn't be used all the time either (because it lowers your damage), only if you know you'll take too much damage without stacking it upon Fortify.

Beside these core skills, you can use Inert Field to instantly slow every monster around you when you feel like you don't have enough time to react, and Haste to be able to act quicker.

Spear is the rarest weapon online, but seeing two in a quest happens sometime. We'll consider switching to another weapon isn't an option (it's the case for me).
In that case, one of them must go on the offensive and avoid taking the aggro with threaten, letting the other one deal with the tanking. But it doesn't mean there's no way to protect the team even when actively attacking big monsters.

This is where +Body Shield and +Magic Shield come into play. These shields divide the damage of the next attack by two, and since you're among the other attackers you can renew them as soon as someone is hit. They have a very special property : they're destroyed as soon as they're hit, but it's the only way to remove them from someone. You read well, they can stay 20 minutes on someone without running out of time and zero reset or Sovereign roar will remove every other buffs but not these ones. Also both favors will protect these shields, so the first hit will do 0 thanks to the favor, the 2nd hit will do half damage thanks to these shields and only the 3rd hit will do normal damage.

I hope this guide was detailed enough, don't hesitate to say if some parts need better explanations.
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Re: Spear guide
March 11th, 2013, 8:51 am

Just some notes about playing with a spear tank- nothing that belongs in a guide:

Stay away from the person who is tanking! In most cases a tank can take care of their own hp, but in cases where they have less than half, I prefer throwing a heal pot rather than get close and risk bringing aggro back to the group. This would be relevant in quests with multiple hard hitting bosses like FoD2 and WG2.

I know in Root of Evil 2, sometimes Alkor is able to take Regina + all small mobs, making it way easier to take care of miu since you're only worrying about what Rex is doing, not having to kill the respawning small mobs.
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